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April 20, 2009

Why I'm Athenodora and Why My Friends Are All Twilight Character Names(:Edit

Ok so i'm not sure why i'm Athenodora(: I'm not sure at all. My friend Shelbi just decided. Shelbi is Rosalie because she blonde, rude xD, and loves Emmett. My brother is Emmett because that's who Shelbi loves xD Bethany is Renesmee because she's just so cute! :D Preslie is tied between Bella and Esme. Preslie could be nearly anyone i think! (: Nikki is just so small and Alicey xD it was obvious who she was going to be :D Edward is Edward! :D cause no one could ever be Edward! (: Courney is Irena because Irena dies,there's realy no other why to put it. xD sorry Courtney! Stephanie is Irena for other reasons not mentionable. So yeahhh thats what me and Rose call our 'Vampire Family' (:

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