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Twilight Saga

About meEdit

Hey, guys! What's up? What can I say about myself? Obviously, I am a Twilight Saga fan. Everything started with the first movie. Everywhere there were comercials, articles in magazines, etc., so I decided to watch it. Ever since that night, I have been a huge fan. Even though I am 15, I am not one of those squealing fangirls that can only say "Edward!!!". My favourite characters of the Saga are: Alice, Jasper, Jacob, Seth and Demetri. I like reading, listening to music, singing and writing. My friends also like the Saga (I got them into it) and we spend time having deep conversastions about it. They even gave me, for my birthday last year, a "plane ticket" to Seattle (from where I was supposed to be picked up by Alice with her Porsche), then go to the Cullens' residence and celebrate my birthday with them.

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