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(Biograohy for my fanfiction character) Aspen Fitzgerald is a thirteen year old newborn vampire and has the gift of Imaginary illusions. She, like Zafrina, can create powerful illusions on an enemy. But, unlike Zafrina, who makes the person believe the illusions are reality, Aspen can only add the images to their reality.

She is the newest adoptive daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Aspen is the adoptive sister of Emmett, Edward, and Alice Cullen as well as the adoptive sister of Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Aspen is the adoptive sister-in-law of Bella Cullen and the adoptive aunt of Renesmee Cullen. She also has a biological younger sister named Rowan Fitzgerald, who is alive and human.


Aspen is a thirteen tear old vampire. She is a very friendly person, and acts close to 'childlike'. She shares many of the physical traits of all vampires, including crimson eyes, pale skin, enhanced senses, and dark purple shadows under her eyes. She is described to have 'illuminate' scarlet eyes and 'perfect, angelic features'. She is also described to have a delicate figure, and her shoulder-length hair falls in dark waves.

But also, when she was created by Carlisle, she did not complete the transformation. Her heart still beats, but only when she is feed blood. When she becomes thirsty (for blood), she weakens to extreme levels and she loses her heartbeat and flush in her cheeks. A few minutes after she drank blood for the first time, a soft beating noise started up in her chest. Carlisle took some tests and found that the transformation did no finish and she was still part human. She can blush, cry, sleep, and she also enjoys human food. When she is becoming thirsty, her eyes go darker and she does not wish to eat human food, only blood will satisfy her. When she is well fed with blood, if you offer her more she will wrinkle her nose and say 'it's tastes sour', and only enjoys human food. (In case I just confused you in there, if she is thirsty blood is satisfying and food is gross. When she is not thirsty, blood tastes gross and she will only eat human food.). She also needs oxygen to live. And when she becomes a vegitarian vampire, her eyes turn from scarlet to a 'bright, glowing sea-green'; the color they were when she was human.


Linda Fitzgerald: Linda is Aspen's mother. She is described as being a short woman, being the same height as Alice, and having dark brown wavy hair. Her eyes were a deep ocean blue, and her skin was pale. Her features were small and cute, and her full lips were a shell pink. She was very talkative and outgoing.

Matthew Fitzgerald: Matthew is Aspen's father. He has light brown hair and sea-green eyes, and is very tall. He is well built and muscular, his skin was somewhat tan(ish). He is very protective of his family and gets nervous really easily. He is quieter then his wife, and is very shy, something Aspen inhertied.

Rowan Fitzgerald: Rowan is Aspen's younger brother. He is three, and he and Aspen were best friends. Rowan has bright blue eyes and light brown hair, and is very talkative. Though, he is very shy and does not like attention. His features were cute and he had two large front teeth. He loved his older sister and was very protective of her.

Seth Clearwater: Imprinter.

Powers and abilities

Like all vampires, Aspen has enhanced strength, grace and speed. She is a capable fighter, and because of her marble hard skin and agility, she and Alice are the two strongest in agility in their family.

Imaginary illusions

Aspen can create powerful illusions in the enemy's mind, much like Zafrina. Though, unlike Zafrina, she can only add her illusions to the opponents reality, while Zafrina can make the illusions the enemy's reality. (Example: If you're sitting in a room, Aspen can make you see anything she wants, but you KNOW you're still in the room. Zafrina can make you think YOU ARE ACTUALLY in the place the illusion is showing you. See? There's a difference.) Aspen can also make you feel, taste, smell, and hear anything she wants. So, if she is making you see a rainforest, she can make you feel the moss beneath your feet, of the smell of rain around you, all while you are fully aware you are in reality.

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