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  • Sleepyeyed-dante

    freAKING OUT

    December 21, 2014 by Sleepyeyed-dante

    so how is it thAT NOBODY'S FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE BREAKING DAWN PART 3 RENESMEE AND JACOB ANNOUNCEMENT??? (go here if you haven't seen it, there's probably like three other ones but i found it on thi…

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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Please Vote my outline!

    December 20, 2014 by ZeniaKoulidi

    Please go to tongal to the twilight project and vote 5 stars for my outline called down in flames. Please please please!

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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Wouldn't it be an amazing to have a twilight video game? This way we could continue living the twilight story. We could play as Bella or Edward or Jacob or both. We could make choices and affect the …

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  • Symph risley

    I was reading my biology book and suddenly a hilariuos idea peaked into my mind... Why not thinking of some Twilight diseases??? So, here they are!

    • Excessive facination towards Bella.
    • Too much sympathy…

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