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Biographical information

|name = Viktor Auren |birthname = Viktor Alexander Kristian Auren |born = June 9, 1993 (1993-06-09) (age 22); in Kokkola, Finland |nationality = Finnish |gender = Male |eyes = Dark brown |hair = *Dark brown

  • Blonde (dyed)

|height = 161cm |family = *Carolina Salmela (husband; 2011-present)

  • Kristian Auren (son)
  • John Auren (father)
  • Christina Frank (mother)
  • William Auren (brother)
  • Vilhelm Auren (brother)
  • Alice McWood (stepmother)
  • Michael McWood (half-brother)
  • Robert Auren (grandfather)
  • Elisabet Auren (grandmother)

|alias = *Viktor

  • Vikke
  • Mr. Auren
  • Viktor Auren
  • Vik

|Occupation = attorneyMy name is Amber, im here because im a very high twilight saga fan, and always will be. My team well i come back to you on that.. But im thinking about chooseing Edward. And my friends are team jacob so im nerves on my pick but hey they say whom ever i pick its still gonna be kool on the friendship part. I live in the country so you can make fun of my acsenint , i really dont care.

Im very special if you say, but not mental if you thougfht about it. My eyes change color during my modes or my clotheing style. And that is a rare gift to meh, only 3 people in my family has eyes that change. My mom, me, and my great grandmother buckle (moms side). Plus i have the ability to swim fast but my school does and will never not have a swim team (already asked).And i have a feeling of knoing things before other people do so im freaked about that. Im single but am not looking because im alittle under age so please no stalkers or what ever. \

My favorite hobbies are, swimming, horse backriding, and soft ball. My favorite music is, classical, rock, classic rock, metal, hard metal, jazz, and some country. Im very shy, so if we first meet when im alittle older dont get affensive. Im also fun to hangout with, funny, alittle outgoing, and alittle talkitive. You can tell im diffrent from my family because, im shy, and not crazy. lol. jokeing.

If youre geting bored you can leave now because im done. I wold have wrote more but i was too bored so come comment or be friends or just talk i might tell you more lol. P.S that is me in the middle of Edwar and Jacob i kno i kno i look a little werdish but hey thats just me....

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