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"I only possess one ability that no other vampire has, making plants grow."
Rosy Ticonderoga
Biographical information

July 4, 1777


June 5, 1789

Age when turned


Created by

Mario Niknak


Rose Bud
Weird Vampire

Physical description






Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Dark Brown (human)
Red and Gold (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)

Skin color


Family information
Family members

Annamarie (mother) ♰
Jason (father) ♰
Juliana (sister, later turned vampire)

Special characteristics

Super Speed
Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Grow plants


Nurse (in French Revolution)


Ticonderoga family
Rare Coven

Rosy Ticonderoga, just known ad Rosy, is a 217 (chronologically) year old, physically 12, vampire that was born in 1777 during the American Revolution. She was transformed into a vampire by a local French vampire soldier Mario in 1789 when the French Revolution started. She is the first vampire to be a vegetarian vampire and a human-eating vampire combined (her left eye is a golden color and her right eye is a red color) and is the first vampire to possess Nature abilities.


Early Life

Rosy was born on July 4, 1777, a year after the Declaration of Independence was signed. However, Rosy's family had lots of problems. Her father was at war, her mother died, and her sister Juliana was sick. When Rosy was 12, and the French Revolution just started, she went outside of her house to look for food. While searching, she meets a French soldier named Mario Niknak, who is actually a vampire. He bites her, turning her into a vampire. She remembers turning into a vampire and remembers her childhood before turning into a vampire.

Midnight Sun

Coming soon


"When I first saw while hunting with Bella, I saw this female, young vampire. She was young, way younger than the other vampire we encountered. She was possibly 11 or 12. She had dark brown hair that was long and wavy. And had red and golden eyes. She had a pale skin that was pale enough."
Edward Cullen describing Rosy to his siblings

Rosy is 4"10" and has dark brown blond hair. She has pale, marble-like skin, inhumane beauty and bruise-like purple shadows under her eyes. She has golden and red eyes and they turn black when she is thirsty. Her hair is long and wavy. She moves gracefully, continually cited as dancing.


Maria is eternally cheerful, optimistic and kind-hearted. She can see the good in almost anyone or anything, and she finds it easier than most to forgive and forget, not to mention trust. She iworries about her sister, Juliana, getting hurt. She knows how to fight and knows that violence is sometimes needed. She is ultimately cheery and nice.


"It never came."

"Don't worry, Juliana. We are safe, and I just turned you into a vampire. Now, close your eyes and fall to sleep."


"The name's Rosy Ticonderoga, sir. What's your name?"

"I've been calling, for years!"


Special ability


Jacob Black

Edward Cullen

Bella Swan

Mario Niknak

Jasper Hale

Rosalie Hale

Emmett Cullen

Alice Cullen

Juliana Ticonderoga

"But what if mother won't come back?"
"Don't worry Juliana, mommy will still love us all."
"Dear, mother, I hope your happy where are. We still love you."

-Juliana and Rosy

Juliana is the sister of Rosy.

Film portrayal

Rosy will be portrayed as User:Aly Parris.

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