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  • I was born on May 22
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Mira ChaosBurnsBurg
Biographical information

May 22, 1998


December 11, 2011

Age when turned


Created by


  • Mira
  • Almira
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • dark brown (human)
  • Crimson (newborn)
  • Amber (3 months as a vampire)
  • Gold (when drank animal blood)
  • Black (thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • unknown
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Exceptional self-control
  • Improved Speed
  • Improved senses
Special abilities
  • Copying and Bounding of abilities
  • Mind Tracking




Hello, everyone and welcome to my world... I`m almira ( well just call me mira ) . A teenage girl super addicted to twilight. Since 2008 when me and my sister started to get bored and start watching random movies until we find this SUPER - ROMANTIC and SUPER NATURAL movie.

What i love the most is vampires. I was always curious about them and if they are true. Then after seeing the movie twilight it made me feel that all the things are possible, and i like the part that bella have been so brave ..., she`s like me in the attitude but not physically.

Well i currently live in the tropical island of Philippines. and i am junior student that loves reading , watching movies , slacking off , Surfing on the net and especially READING Twilight books that i borrow from my friend ( i`ll tell ya twilight books sets are really expensive here. ) for me ;)

and one more thing i HATE crowds.

200px-sadasdBook jacket of Twilight
Reasons Why I LOVE Twilight

First is Stephenie Meyer is a great writer. She`s so creative that

'everyone loved the series of her books.'

Second the mixed suspense and romance is great.

Third the film adaptation is the best movie i`ve ever watched never a dull moment watching the movie.

Fourth the main characters and the villains are really interesting, the actors were really great with their action :)

Breaking Dawn Part - 2 ♥♥♥ ( Love it so Much ♥ )


I LOVE THEEMMM ♥♥♥ Can`t Wait for BD part - 2

OMG ! I really love this picture of the sneak peek of the movie. Kristen a.k.a bella looks seriously AWEEESOMMEEE and edward was like ... OOMMMMGGGG :))) i can`t really wait ♥♥♥ ...

My First Book ( the short second life of bree tanner )

Picture 012edited

Sorry, But im keeping my personality a secret For now :)

My First book that i bought as my christmas gift for myself after my christmas party with my friends... i accidentally got it because we were on a rush and i can`t reach out for twilight`s first book. So i just picked the " The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner ". I know it`s not that great at all for you guys but it is for me :)

  • Sorry for keeping my personality i just want to be secure . you know "self - preservation" :D

Jane Is so Cruel in the bree tanner book. She could let Bree live a happy life with the cullens. But she`s amazing :D

The Coven that i really love in twilight is the Cullen Family .

coz` they are gentle . kind . and respects humans :)



Carlisle Cullen : I love him coz` he`s so helpful , kind , and has a high level of respect to others around him even humans . I`m really surprised that he even tried to kill himself when he found out what he had been turned into. Not wanting to hurt anybody is great . He and Esme are perfect for each other. ♥♥♥


Esme Cullen : i I love her coz` she`s so loving and kind.Accepts anything and deeply loves them.He and carlisle are perfect for each other . She`so awesome coz` being an architect is really hard ( for me ) . ♥♥♥


Edward Cullen : I like him coz` he`s so HOT ! :P and so cool i like his style of fighting * hahahah * . He has super - cool power :))

  • well that`s all for now about the cullens :)

He`s Cute and we Know it !! ♥♥♥♥

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