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August 12, 2009
  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Student/Future Journalist
  • I am Female

Hello peoples. As you know this is the user page of Aliceandjasperforever. If you didn't know that you need to be tested for extreme stupidity of you found this article by clicking the wrong thing. If you need to contact me, leave me a message here, or on there as well!

A bit about me!Edit

The first thing that you should know about me is that I am not a normal person. There are a lot of things that make up who I am and you might see a few of these traits in a normal person but you will never see all of them in a normal person unless one day i become normal which is probably tottlay impossible but you never know. Okay so here are a few weird things about me!

  • I am talkitiave
  • I am known to be never angry at people but I am frequently tired.
  • I ahve been recieving orthodontic help since the age of six
  • I have never gone out with a boy and I'm in middle school
  • I LOVE dancing and I ahv only missed one school dance and it was for my New Moon premire party!
  • I absolutley love the color green
  • I have an pokemon obsessed brother (wait that is normal)
  • I am an avid club penguin PSA and EPF agent
  • I am also a tour guide
  • My school district has four elementary schools, two middle schools, a freshman building, and a 10th-12th grade building

A few things I have found out over the yearsEdit

  1. Everyone looks artractive and friendly in neon colored braces
  2. Talking makes you feel better but it hurts the person who you are talking to's ears if you talk for overe 45 minutes strait without inhaling
  3. Thes last one can also hurt your health
  4. When in doubt about anything, blog it! People from all over the web can give you advice
  5. You should always find time for sleep
  6. You should also always wear acseesories that complement your natural beauty
  7. I look fat in yellow and orange
  8. The last one was really random!
  9. Ginny has really awesome hair!

One last thing......Edit

I like pie and if I like pie everybody should like pie. If you don't like pie..... well idk what to say about you but bye!!!!!


Au revior, Adios amigos, Adios Mucho's, Watch potterpuppetpals at, Good-bye, Bye peoples.

I like pie whats it to you?

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