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'I love Twilight alot. My friends sometime tease me about my obsession but it's no biggy We formed a Twi-club and we get to chose any character from the series. I'm Alice..there's Esme, Jess, Bella, Renesmee, Nessie, Rose and Ash-lice..(as in Ashley Greene and Alice Cullen because many people chose Alice) Alice is a really sweet/cool/jolly person she's my favorite...Edward is a major is Jake but Edward is so much cuter. If I had to chose between seeing the future and hearing people's minds...I'll probably choose seeing the future and then change my mind and choose mind reading.

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The Twilight Saga:Eclipse Cast:Vids

The Twilight Saga Eclipse cast on Oprah (Part 1)(00:00)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cast on Oprah (Part 1)
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The Twilight Saga Eclipse Cast in Oprah (Part 2)(00:00)
The Twilight Saga : Eclipse Cast in Oprah (Part 2)
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The Twilight Saga Eclipse cast in Oprah part 3(00:00)
The Twilight Saga:Eclipse cast in Oprah part 3
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Cast of Twilight on Oprah 05 13 10 Part 4(00:00)
Cast of Twilight on Oprah 05/13/10 Part 4
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Eclipse cast on Oprah (Part 5)(00:00)
Eclipse cast on Oprah (Part 5)
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File:Twilight: Eclipse - Extended Trailer
Twilight: Eclipse - Extended Trailer
7 min Eclipse - Sneak Peek !!(00:00)
7 min Eclipse - Sneak Peek !!
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