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About meEdit

HI! I am AliceCullenJasperHale and i am a HUGE fan of the whole twilight saga! and when I say HUGE I mean the hugest ever and that there is not a word that can describe it! I <3 Jasper Hale, he is freaking adorable! His hair is really COOL!

I live...really far away from America, in a sunny country with history (ancient) hope u understand! LOL!

I am interesting in reading and i am quite fond of writing stories (especially with Twilight, idk wwhy but this characters inspire me!) i have already write sm big, i am working on sm!

My fave subject at school are greek, ancient greek, biology, physics, chemistry and i HATE P.E! I know it might sound crazy, but i really do! I also hate the well-known maths, i am awful at maths. i also learn English, it more easy that the other launguages i learn (other 3)

I want to learn to play the quitar.

i think that's enough.... I don't want make u fell bored!

AH! And srry if my english sucks! ok? be nice!

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Woozword!
  • Quizazz
  • Twilight pages!

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