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Brown (when human)
Brown (when human)
[[Category:Vegetarian vampires]]
==My favorite pages==
==My favorite pages==

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I'm a Cullen and thats' that

About meEdit

Name: Alexandria Cullen

speicies: Vampire

Mate: Edward Cullen

Changed:November 10, 2009


Carlisle Cullen (adorted Father)

Esme Cullen (adorted Mother)

Edward Cullen (husband)

Renesmee Cullen (step-daughter)

Jacob Black (step-son)

Rosalie Hale (adorted sister)

Alice Cullen (adorted sister)

Emmett Cullen (adorted brother)

Jasper hale (adorted brother)

Rallendsmee Cullen (daughter)

Edward Jr. (son)

Jenesmee Black (step-granddaughter)

Jeacee Cullen (step-granddaughter)

Power: Shape-shifter

Eye Color: Yellow (when full)

Black (when hungry)

Brown (when human)

My favorite pagesEdit

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  • Carlisle Cullen
  • Edward Cullen

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