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April 8, 2010
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Amy Alice
Biographical information

Born: 1994

Turned: 2010

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color
  • Green (Human)
  • Brown (Satisfies)
  • Black (Hungry)
Skin color

Pale (almost white)

Family information
Family members


Special characteristics

Basic vampire powers

Special abilities

Visions +



All about my time as a twifan

Well I first got into Twilight when my best friend called me and asked me to come for a sleep over. She had the Twilight Movie and she asked if i wanted to watch it and i was like yeah whatever. So she put it on and i started to get really into it and i asked if i could borrow it. Since then I have read all the books, at least twice + Had 3 Twilight marathons. I cant wait until Breaking dawn Comes out into the cinemas.

Pages I have Created

My fave Quote at the moment:

"I'm hotter than you"- Jacob Black to Edward

AliceCullenissopretty! This user is on Team Alice.


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