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Best photo of Edward Cullen and Bella ever!

My name is Scarlett and I'm in LOVE with the twilight saga! My favourite characters are Edward Cullen, Bella, Alice and Emmett! I'm a big fan of all Stephanie's Meyers books and I always will be. I also find Jacob hugely irritating. I love indie Rock & Roll and I have an indie and BoHo style. I also love my teeny weeny bedroom and the walls are covered with Twilight Saga posters and posters of Edward Cullen! You can't see the walls! I idolize Kristen Stewart and she's my favourite actress and funnily enough my favourite actor is Robert Pattinson! I think they look so cute together in real life. My also favourite celebrity is Dita Von Teesee. I love just relaxing but somehow I love scary rollarcoasters. I love Vampires but I think the Twilight Saga is the best out of all of the vampire films and programmes, I think the Vampire diaries come second. Sorry but it's true! The Twilight Saga holds first place!

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