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The Uley pack
Founding information
Time of foundation


Founded by

Sam Uley

Membership information
Pack members
Former members
Magical characteristics
Special abilities
  • Sam Uley: Alpha voice
  • Jared Cameron: Superior eyesight

The Uley pack, most commonly known as the pack or Sam Uley's pack, is formed when Sam Uley first phased into a wolf, the occasion of his coming-of-age in the presence of the Olympic coven: a coven of vampires. Over time, Paul Lahote, Jared Cameron, Embry Call and Jacob Black phased and Sam took responsibility for them. Their pack was later joined by Seth and Leah Clearwater, Quil Ateara V, Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea.

It was the only pack before Jacob, Leah, and Seth broke away to form one of their own, which was later joined by Quil and Embry also broke away to join them, though they stayed in the movies.

At the end of 2006, the Uley pack was expanded by four additional unnamed members.


The pack was formed in the year of 2004 when Sam Uley started phasing, becoming the first of the current generation to become a wolf, and later Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote. To protect other people from harm, they are all forced to keep themselves at a distance to protect their mutual secret as well as avoiding unwanted transformations. Paul had the hardest time adjusting to the change due to his temperamental nature, which often set off his transformation.

New Moon

Sam wolf form

The pack emerges for the first time.

In New Moon, the wolves avert their first crisis, when they kill Laurent in New Moon, who attempts to kill Bella for sustenance, and chase away Victoria. By now, there are five members in the pack: Sam Uley, Jared Cameron, Paul Lahote, Embry Call and Jacob Black.

Bella mistakes Sam for having forced Jacob into his group and murdering people in Forks and La Push, until Jacob tells her it was the work of a vampire and that they have been trying to stop the murders, and that their magical genes have been set off by the presence of vampires.

When they later learn that Victoria is after Bella, the pack works to protect her and Charlie while chasing away the vampire.


The fight wolfs vs newborns

Battle commences.

In Eclipse, the pack has grown to ten, with the addition of Quil Ateara, Leah and Seth Clearwater, Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea. When a nomad infiltrates Bella's house only to steal a red blouse with her scent, the Cullens suspect that someone is orchestrating a plan and form allegiance with the pack to protect Bella and Charlie.

Hearing that an army of newborn vampires led by Victoria and Riley are on their way to Forks, Sam's pack agrees to co-operate with the Cullens against the army, after the Denali Coven refused to aid them. The battle is a success, with Jacob the most injured in action saving Leah from a hiding newborn.

Breaking Dawn


The pack before they parted ways.

The pack splits in Breaking Dawn, following Jacob's and, later, Seth's and Leah's departure to protect a pregnant Bella and the Cullen family from them. With three members less, Sam confides in the Quileute council and come to conclusion that they wait till Bella's baby is born to make their move. However, Jacob imprints on the baby, Renesmee Cullen as soon as she was born, and the wolves are forced to declare permanent peace with the Cullens to keep the two packs from warring each other. A few months later, Embry and Quil also join Jacob's pack, something they weren't able to do previously.

The witnesses

The Uley pack among the Cullens and their allies.

During the Volturi's trial, the pack (which by now had grown to nine members) stands by the Cullens and their witnesses, ready to fight if a battle ensues. During this confrontation, they find out from Edward and Aro that they are not real werewolves, but a group of shape-shifters with the ability to turn into giant wolves.


This pack consists of Sam Uley (Alpha), Jared Cameron (Beta), Paul Lahote (third-in-command), Brady Fuller, Collin Littlesea, and by the end of Breaking Dawn four more unnamed members.

Jacob Black, Seth and Leah Clearwater run off when Sam decides to kill Bella and her unborn baby. Not wanting to fight his own kind during Renesmee's crisis, Sam declares a truce between the packs and decides to watch the Cullens until after she is born to decide if she is a threat or not. However, Jacob's imprinting on the baby forces Sam to re-evaluate the decision and permanently declare peace with the Cullens to prevent unwanted conflict. After the tension between the two packs resolved, Embry Call and Quil Ateara V leave to join Jacob's pack; however, they remain in the Uley pack in the movies.

According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Paul is also the third-in-command.

Member Image Position/Extra capability
Sam Uley 30434 114181258622383 102559399784569 82698 7176906 n Alpha
Jared Cameron Jared Beta/Improved eyesight
Paul Lahote Paul Third-in-command
Brady Fuller Bdn05-2 Member
Collin Littlesea Collin1 Member
Embry Call
Member (movie only)
Quil Ateara V 090501CINEC7 Member (movie only)

Other members

Near the end of Breaking Dawn, the Uley pack gains four new members due to the additional vampires in Forks, which forces some very young Quileute tribe members to turn.

Past members

Member Image Extra capability
Jacob Black Jacob-208856 429620540414511 1753219702 n Alpha of the Black pack/Strongest wolf/Alpha voice
Leah Clearwater New-Stills-Breaking-Dawn-twilight-series-27009703-640-960 Beta of the Black pack/Fastest wolf
Seth Clearwater Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 12 31 58 AM Improved hearing/Third-in-command of the Black pack (movie only)
Embry Call
Third-in-command of the Black pack (book only)
Quil Ateara V 090501CINEC7 Member of the Black pack (book only)



Quileute tattoo.

In the films, the members of the packs have a tattoo on their right shoulders depicting their membership within the pack, similar to the Volturi's necklaces and the Cullen crest.

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