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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
the edward freaks~ they think edward is the hottest vampire of them all and they daydream about vampires being real and they are with edward

The twilighters-these pepole can talk and talk about twilight for weeks in a row they wish that their favorite acter would be real they want to be their mate or imprintee

The Real Twi-Fans ~ These are fans who really love and understand the movies and obviously the books. They are Team Edward and/or Jacob but mainly they are Team Bella because they believe that everything goes around Bella´s life.

The Super fans ~ These are the fans that know everything about Twilight, and aren't afraid to admit it.

The Twi-Screechers ~ These Twilight Fans love to scream. Make sure you buy earplugs when in the same room with these fans. Their screaming has been known to cause bleeding of the ears.

The Twi-Moms ~ You know the world has turned insane when 40 year old women are fantasizing about a 108 year old virgin or a 16 year old werewolf.

The Bella Hating Fan ~ These girls love the book, but hate the main character

The Quiet Fan ~ These are the rarest type of fan. They quietly sit in the background, fantasizing about Edward, avoiding Twi-Screechers

The Forgetful Fan ~ It takes this type of Twilight fan 5 times reading the series for them to pick up that Edward is indeed a vampire. Throw in overgrown wolves and they can hardly remember Bella's last name

The Twi-Perverts ~ These girls love reading, writing, and thinking about Twilight related sex scenes

The Embarrassed Twi-Fan ~ These girls are embarrassed to admit that they love the series. They hide their books and pretend that Edward is stupid

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The Crazy Twitard ~ This type of fan thinks her name is Bella Swan and that her neighbors are vampires. She/he also tends to howl at a full moon.

The Hardcore Fan ~ These fans go all the way. They name their kids Edward and Bella, they have twi-tattoos, they buy anything with the Twilight trademarrk: Without these fans, Smeyer wouldn't be making as much money!

The Twi-Guy ~ When Female Twilight fans finally accept that their neighbors are NOT vampires and they also realize that werewolves do NOT exist, they settle for the Twi-Guy, who know's all of Edward's quotes. They are almost just like Edward... Except, you know... not at all like him...

The Critical Fan ~ These fans know the series inside out and can tell you any quote from any character. They rip apart characters looking for important qualities and automatically notice writing errors. They tend to dislike Bella.

The Super-Shippers ~ These fans love fan fiction and EVERY pairing that is non-canon. Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Bree, Carlisle/Aro, Alice/Bella, Edward/Athenodora...They have them all.

The Volturifreaks~ These people believe Volturi are back of them because they now about vampires. They can freak out and hide under their beds as soon as someone says Volturi or something that has to do with them.

The Role-Playa' ~ These fans enjoy roleplaying, The second a new roleplaying site starts up, people rush to be Edward and Bella and Jacob, and slowly, so slowly, their sane-ness begins to leave

The 'Archeologists'~These fans can't stand Bella or Edward, but will dig through the pages of the books to find out anything they can about the other Cullens, werewolves, or the Volturi. They are the ones who learn Latin so they can read the inscriptions in the Volturi chamber, and the ones who know the number of chromosomes weres and vampires have.

The "Volturi devotees" Theese fans are team Volturi with a passion, they love the Volturi and stick up for them the moment someone hints at insulting them! Also most (not all) "Volturi devotees" tend to fancy a charachtor or/and their actor!

The Fanpire ~ These fans loved vampires before they knew of Twilight. Then, when they picked up Twilight and took the time to read it, they forgot all about other vampires in general and now cover themselves in glitter rather than wear fake fangs.

The Gawkers - the spend a lot of time oggoling at their fave charachtor/actor/someone in the film they think is smexy (and lets face it, just about everyone who is a Twi-fan and has watched the films has done this at least once)

The Omniscient Twilighters- That fans know all about the series both books and movies from the characters to the settings. Once they've read the books, the series is both literature and cinema to these fans.

Secret Guy Fans - Guys that read it without letting anyone know they have read, let alone liked it

The Twi-Haters-read all the books watch all the movies secretly love but tells everyone it sucks.

The Twi-Bard - A true rarity of the fan base. These are the people who have the passion and intuition to look for deeper meaning within the stories. Piece by piece of iambic pentameter bearing the mark of La tua Cantante!

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