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|species = [[Human]]
|species = [[Human]]
|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|hair = *Brown (book)
|hair = *Brown <small>(book)</small>
*Black (movie)
*Black <small>(movie)</small>
|eyes = Brown
|eyes = Brown
|skin = *Tan (book)
|skin = *Tan <small>(book)</small>
*Brown (movie)
*Brown <small>(movie)</small>
|height = 6'1"
|height = 6'1"
|family = [[Beth Crowley]] (mother)
|family = [[Beth Crowley]] (mother)

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Tyler Crowley
Biographical information

1988; Forks, Washington

Physical description






Hair color
  • Brown (book)
  • Black (movie)
Eye color


Skin color
  • Tan (book)
  • Brown (movie)
Family information
Family members

Beth Crowley (mother)


Graduate student of Forks High School

Tyler Crowley is a semi-popular graduate student of Forks High School. He almost accidentally kills Bella Swan with his van when it drove across an icy parking lot.


Tyler was born and raised in Forks.



Tyler Crowley at Forks High School.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I tried to stop."
―Tyler's apology to Bella.[src]

In Twilight, Tyler Crowley is a basketball player who nearly crushes Bella with his van because of the icy ground (a reversing car in the movie), but she is saved by Edward, and Tyler receives more injuries than her.

Afterwards, Tyler frequently and relentlessly tries to make things up to Bella, and asks her to the spring dance, though she constantly refuses. He then deliberately tells everyone that he is taking Bella to prom, and shows up at her doorstep to take her at the end of the book, as found out when Charlie calls her to tell her about it. Edward then politely tells him that Bella will be unavailable as far as anyone but himself is concerned. In the movie, he doesn't ask Bella to prom nor does he apologize quite as frequently, and is last seen at prom with a date of his own.

New Moon

Bella suggests to Jessica Stanley that Tyler should go to prom with Lauren Mallory, though they don't. However, they are seen later in the series as a couple. Their "relationship" falls out and eventually, never recovers.[1]

When Mike and Bella invite their friends to a movie night, Tyler steps out at Lauren's insistence.


During Calculus class, he gossips with Mike, Ben, and Austin about the possibilities of Jacob and Edward fighting, and Tyler bets on Edward's winning odds.

As a senior student, he is invited to the Cullens' graduation party in Eclipse, though he went more with curiosity than anticipation.

Physical appearance

Tyler is described as being tan, 6'1" tall, with an athletic build, and having brown hair and brown eyes. In the movie, he is African-American with curly black hair and a tattoo on his right arm.


Tyler likes sports and is very athletic, as he is a part of the Forks High School basketball, football and track teams. He had a blue and black van before the accident but afterwards he turned his attention to his shiny, new Sentra. He is described as being headstrong, funny, and "cocky" according to Bella. In Twilight, Tyler seems extremely persistent as he convinces everyone that he is taking Bella to the prom, even though Bella constantly refuses and says to him, Eric, and Mike that she was going to Seattle.

Film portrayal

Gregory Tyree Boyce

Gregory Tyree Boyce

Actor Gregory Tyree Boyce was given the role of Tyler Crowley in the movie adaptation of Twilight. He was not seen again throughout the rest of the franchise.



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