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Twilight wars that are really stupid

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Team Wars ~ Yes, we get it: Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Emmett, Team Mike, Team Tyler's Van...

Twilight vs. Harry Potter ~ Some like both, some like neither... between the two of them, though, they are so different there's nothing to compare/argue about. This war is pretty darn stupid

Pro-Bella vs. Anti-Bella ~ I participate in this war... And I feel stupid afterwards

Red-eyes vs. Gold-eyes ~ I like both....

Wolves vs. Vampires ~ Both are pretty darn cool! :D

Books vs. Movies ~ Movies suck, Books suck, Movies rock, Books rock, blah blah... We all have opinions

Twitards vs. Twihaters ~ It's the same things: Twitards scream about Edward/Jacob's hotness. Twihaters have good reasons, but they won't shut up either.

Original Vampires vs. Twilight Vampires ~ Some sparkle, others burst into flame... Again, both are pretty darn cool!

Stephanie Meyer vs. Melissa Rosenberg ~ Both did as good as they could with sparkling vampires

Bella and Jacob vs. Jacob and Nessie vs. Jacob and Leah ~ Bella is with Edward, Nessie is a child, and Leah... Is free on Friday nights. :)

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Twilight VS Vampire Diaries The biggest war between both fans on the internet i've ever seen!!!!!!

Stephenie Meyer VS L.J Smith both are good writers!

Twilight VS True Blood- its really been the biggest fight I've seen in my school,city,and sites

Twilight VS Buffy The Vampire Slayer ~ Hey I like both But Buffy did her Job let's leave it be.

{{TopTenList/Item|team Edward v.s. Team jacob -team Jacob

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