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Twilight is a series of vampire novels by Stephenie Meyer. It follows the life of Bella Swan, a teenager who moves to Forks, Washington, and finds her life radically changed when she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen.

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Life of Bree Tanner
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Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

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Billy Black is the father of Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob Black. It is also possible that he is the father of Embry Call. He resides in La Push, Washington. His wife died in a car accident when Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob were young, and he is confined to a wheelchair because of diabetes. He is Charlie Swan's best friend.
Billy's grandfather was Ephraim Black, a former elder of the Quileute tribe. He inherited Ephraim's place on the tribal council and knows the tales of the origins of the Quileutes. He never phased, probably because no vampires were around when he was young.

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What's up Bella?

Same old, same old.
Yeah bunch of vampires trying to kill you, the usual.
The usual.
-- Jacob Black and Bella Swan

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    Ok, so I have been asked why Bella wanted to become a vampire. And my answer was that she was positive that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Edward, that she couldn't live without him. S…

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    August 24, 2014 by Dnag

    The United Nation Foundation is founded by Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag & the nodle Foundations in the World...more


    The United Nation Organizations. UNO

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    On Thursday night I discovered that Kristen had completed an Ice Bucket Challenge with Nicholas Hoult and Scott Fahrendorf. If you haven't seen the clip, then you're gonna want to see it. I wonder if…

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