January 2009

Welcome to The Wikia Insider, a new way for wiki fanatics to stay up to date on news, features, products and events happening at Wikia.

This page is automatically added to each wiki. As the Insider is updated, edits will show up in your wiki's recent changes.

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Some new features you may have missed
I'd like to introduce a couple of projects Wikia has been working that you may not have come across:
  • Shared Help - Pages from the Help Wikia are now be available directly on your home wiki. The content is updated centrally, so you always get the best and most up to date information right here. See Help:Shared Help on Wikia Help for more.
  • AddImages - You don't need to leave the edit page to upload new images now. Just click "add images" from above the edit box to upload and add images directly to the article. You can even find images on Flickr using this new feature. See Help:Add Images on Wikia Help for the details.
  • Bookmark widget - For a handy little list of your favourite or most-used pages, you can add the bookmark widget to your sidebar. Then, just one click, and the page you are on is in constant easy reach. This is just one of the widgets available, read more at Help:Widgets on Wikia Help.
  • New ListUsers - Rather than solely giving you usernames, without any indication of when that user was active, the new version gives you both last edit and last logged date. In addition, you have a much more powerful options at your fingertips for both searching and dealing with users - e.g. finding blank user talk pages.

Welcome to the Wikia Insider!
We're always trying to come up with better ways to keep more than 10,000 wiki communities in the loop about what's going on around Wikia. So we thought we'd try something new. The Wikia Insider will feature updates from Wikia's community and product teams on new tools, tips on how to improve your wiki, events, contests and other news from around Wikia. If it's out there for you to use or do, our goal is to make sure you know about it.

Here's how it works: We update a central version of this page which results in an automatic edit to an Insider page on all wikis. The change will show in Recent Changes on your wiki and you can check out the latest if you want. You can also put the page on your Watchlist so that an email is sent to you when the page changes. We expect to add news to the Insider a few times each month.

If you have feedback or questions, you can add them to the Central Forums. We'd love to hear what you think of this idea and how it's working on your wiki.

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