This is the official policy page for the Twilight Saga Wiki. Things will be added as the need arises. Please address any questions or concerns on the talk page.

Blocking Policy

Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user account or IP address/range from editing the Twilight Saga Wiki. Blocks are preventive rather than punitive measures used to prevent damage by dealing with vandalism and enforcing Twilight Saga Wiki policies.

There is zero tolerance for vandalism on the Twilight Saga Wiki. Vandalism includes blanking pages, inserting inappropriate phrases or images, personal attacks on users, and placing spam in articles. Any vandalism will result in a warning, using the warning template: {{vandal}}, or immediate blocking if necessary.

If the user continues to vandalize, they will be blocked, usually permanently. Users can also be blocked for ignoring admins, although this blocking period is usually temporary.

If you have any questions or concerns about vandalism, feel free to contact an admin on their talk page or ask a question on this page's talk page.

Image Policy

The Twilight Saga Wiki encourages its members to upload pictures, screenshots, and other images. Copyrighted images are allowed, as long as they are under the fair use agreement. However, any unofficial pictures will deleted from pages. Please only add images of actors or actresses if it has been confirmed they are portraying a certain character, and only if it is an official screenshot. No fanmade images please.

Quote Policy

Quotes are a great way to make an article special. However, the quotes placed on a page about a character should be about the character, not a comment they made. Quotes should be formatted using the {{Quote}} template and can be from either the books or the films.

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