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  1. Ngebendi.
  2. Jo Kalliauer
  3. TLE
  4. Edward Is Better

Report a problemEdit

In the new "New Wikia Look" Beta-skin:

  1. I can't find the button to Report Problems for Special:ProblemReports, like it is told on Twilight_Saga_Wiki:Contact#Errors_or_problems.3F→see Twilight_Saga_Wiki_talk:Contact#Errors_or_problems.3F
  2. The Template {{Protected}} which is used on Bella doesn't work like it should work
  3. If two users have the same Points, both gets the lower rank like now User:LilNess is Ranked 7 in the Leatherbord, but on her site she is Ranked 8
    • No Not done cause I think it is more fair if two have the same points, that they have the same rank.
  4. <span style="line-height: 15px;"> doesn't work→See Twilight_Saga_Wiki:New_Look#Example1
    • No Not done unimportant "line-height" isn't used very often
  5. class="twilight2" doesn't work→User_blog:Xean/New_Moon_Giveaway
    • No Not done unimportant: this page hasn't got to work any longer
  6. The templates {{Olympic Coven}}{{Twilight Saga}}{{Locations}}{{Quotes}}{{Quileute_Packs}} are always open (cause JavaScript don't work?)→Bella#See_also
    • Yes Done
  7. The old Awards don't work like they should work→User:TagAlongPam
  8. The Template:HeadingD doesn't work→changed to Template:HeadingVTwilight_Saga_Wiki
    • Yes Done
  9. Background color:
    1. Some text has the defited color white or #fff or #FFFFFF so you can't read it→Archievebox on User_talk:TagAlongPam
      • Yes Done changed to gray background
    2. Some things have the definited colour black or #000 or #000000 so you can't see it→Relationships#Family_trees
      • Yes Done changed again to gray background
  10. A link in {{Notice|}} has the same textcolor as the backgroundcolor→At the top of User_talk:LuckyTimothy
    • Yes Done
  11. all Examples at Twilight_fonts must be created new, cause it they are made for a black background.→Twilight_fonts#List
    • Yes Done
  12. <sub></sub> doesn't work→Johannes Kalliauer(talk). (♥. should be subscripted)
    • Yes Done
  13. {{familytree}} uses white lines, which can't be seen→Relationships#Family_trees
    • Yes Done
  14. <small></small> doesn't work→Teams#See_also
    • Yes Done
  15. On protected pages a autoconfirmed user, who is loged in, gets Login to edit, instead of "show source code".
    • Yes Done see also: "24 not all Buttons are available:"
  16. Twilight_Saga_Wiki should get changed (space is to small)
    • Yes Done
  17. The color of the changes in the history don't fit together→f.e.Bella Swan&diff=188228&oldid=187922
    • Yes Done changed color
  18. The templates Template:Olympic_CovenTemplate:Twilight_Saga are too tawdry red
    • Yes Done Sena@fandom fixed the color on these
  19. #{{Quote|quote|attribution}}, :{{Quote|... and *{{Quote|... doesn't work→see history User talk:Kirby Phelps (PK)&oldid=188706
    • No Not done Normally you don't use {{Quote}} in shifted paragraphs, and then you can use ::"''quote''"":::― attribution instead
  20. In the comment section some codes don't work
    →see difference between comment of User_talk:EmmettsLittleAngel and User_talk:EmmettsLittleAngel#article-comment-header
    1. <small></small> doesn't work
      • Yes Done
    2. <sub></sub> and <sup></sup> doesn't work
    3. the Editbutton of Headlines doesn't work
      • No Not done unimportant nearly nobody uses headlines in Comments
  21. Template:Films cause Video is written once in the linkcolour (=Darkred) and once white doesn't work→see Template:Films&oldid=153982
    • I tried to correct the code, but I don't know why Twilight and New Moon works, but Eclipse not, like it should, now all 3 are white, but Eclipse Video gets a linkcolour Line if you move your mouse over the text→See Twilight_Saga_Wiki:New_Look#Example2
  22. The toolbar at the bottom has the same color as the background, so you can't see it very well →see bullet point 9
    • Yes Done Background-color and Toolbar color changed
  23. If you uses "find" in the browser the found text is behind the toolbar at the bottom.
    • User:JoKalliauer thinks it is not able to fix this problem, if you don't "delete" the toolbar at the bottom.
  24. not all Buttons are available:
    1. To get to the Redirection of a Category/Template
      • Yes Done
    2. To get to the Talkpages of Arcicle/Cagegories/Templates
    3. To view the source code for logged in persons, who are no Admins
      • Yes Done see also: 15 " On protected pages a autoconfirmed user,.."
    4. To see the history of a Category
      • Yes Done In the toolbar you can click onto history.
  25. I can't see the options of the contents in each individual page and also at the top on my home page because it's the same colour as the background of those things —Preceding unsigned comment added by TeamEdwardFan (talkcontribs)
    • Yes Done I don't exactly know the problem, but with the changing the background-color it should be solved.
  26. Trying to think of the technical way to say this, but say on page you have the contents section near the top. You click a link and jumps to that section. It works for all sections, but it won't jump down to the comment section. LuckyTimothy 17:07, September 25, 2010 (UTC)
    I already noticed it, but didn't report it cause, I think it didn't work with the old style either.
    The reason it doesn't work is cause it links to User_talk:JoKalliauer#article-comment-header instead of User_talk:JoKalliauer#WikiaArticleCommentsJohannes Kalliauer
Not that it matters now, but yeah, it did work at one time. Doesn't really bother me if doesn't work, but for the lazy people like me it's easier to jump instead of all that scrolling. LuckyTimothy 20:51, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

bullet points 1-24, and are reported by  — Johannes Kalliauer (talk) Pic







Videos Videos




Why does it look so weird? When will the new look be in place? Why is it all white and blue???Edit

Sorry but it just looks weird! What was wrong with the old format?? When will this one be finsihed, cause if it is finished then please can we revert to the older, better one? Sorry, don't like to moan =S --BlondieEllie 19:24, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Are you seeing the white skin or the new layout with the format change? Because when I logged in it showed me the white skin. I had to go to prefrences and change to new wiki layout. LuckyTimothy 20:35, September 22, 2010 (UTC)
It should look like this: Twilight_Saga_Wiki_talk:New_Look#22.Sep.10_19:30
 — Johannes Kalliauer (talk) Pic 20:41, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

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