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The Twilight Saga wiki now has it's own IRC channel! This acts as a place for instant chat as IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.


  1. Please watch your language.
  2. Please, no spamming. No one wants to read a page full of the same message.
  3. No hate comments. If you do it on the channel or over a private message (PM), you will be banned.
  4. And please, no role playing. No one enjoys abuse of the "/me" command. Only use it for occasions, please.
  5. Please use your name from the wiki.

IRC Operators

  1. Kmanwing
  1. Fingernails (Inactive)
  1. LunaBella
  1. User:Twilightluver0426
  1. TheLunarEclipse


You can find out more about IRC here

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