The following are noted differences between the original Twilight novel and the movie adaptation.

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Please note: Scenes/lines that were not in the book but were added for the movie:

Book Movie
In the book, there is no Waylon Forge. Waylon Forge is at the diner. VictoriaLaurent and James kill him when he is fixing his boat. Also, Waylon is wearing a shirt that says "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" which Victoria is later seen wearing.
Bella and Charlie don't eat at the diner. Instead, Bella cooks the meals at home. In the movie, they eat at the diner a lot.
When Edward takes Bella out of his car at the beginning of school, he doesn't touch her because it states in Midnight Sun he doesn't want to risk losing his self-control. In the movie, Edward slings his arm around Bella.
No scene of Edward bouncing an apple off his foot exists in the book. Edward bounces an apple off his foot in the cafeteria scene in the movie and catches it in the same manner as is seen on the Twilight book cover.
Nothing is mentioned about the Cullens wearing the family crest. All the members of the Cullen family wear the family crest on an accessory on their body.
Phil has no lines in the book, nor is he mentioned driving Bella to the airport. Phil is seen in Arizona before Bella leaves. He says "I love ya both, but we got a plane to catch."
Victoria disappears after the baseball game and is not seen again until New Moon. You see Victoria at the prom watching Edward and Bella at the end of the movie, hinting to the plot of the next movie.
Edward takes Bella to his house to meet his family and while they are there, he plays Bella's lullaby and then shows her the house, they have a discussion about a cross. He also takes her to Carlisle's office and talks about his history. When Edward takes Bella to his house, the Cullens are cooking Italian food for her. When Edward says Bella has already eaten, Rosalie breaks a bowl with her bare hands.
There is no mention of a field trip in the book. In the movie, there is a field trip to a greenhouse.
Edward never calls Bella Spider Monkey in the book. In the book after Edward teases Bella by saying"Well, you really shouldn't have said that", he jumps towards her, picks her up, and then jumps on the couch. After Edward jumps out the window, he says, "You better hold on tight, 'Spider Monkey'."
In the book, Rosalie doesn't have a nickname for Emmett. During the baseball game scene Rosalie calls Emmett her "Monkey Man".
Bella wears no bracelet in Twilight.

Bella wears a St. Jude Protection bracelet.

There are no small details like the following in the book. When Bella wakes up in the hospital, the fighting scene from the ballet studio can be seen on the flat screen. There is also a drawing of the ballet studio behind Edward's head.
Victoria doesn't talk until she reappears in Eclipse. Victoria talks at Waylon's boathouse where she and James repeat the questions they'd heard from their prey. She says "What do you want?" She also speaks at the baseball game, telling Emmett and Jasper, "I'm the one with the wicked curveball." and "We shall see."
When Bella arrives in Forks, the book doesn't mention anything about Bella holding a small cactus. In the book, her carry along item is a parka. Bella brings a potted cactus with her to Forks as a reminder of her old home in Arizona.
While Bella is in Port Angeles, she remembers she left her pepper spray at home. Bella uses the pepper spray that Charlie gave her on James, which makes him very angry.
At the Cullen's home, there are no graduation caps on the wall. There are many caps in a big frame on the wall—one each for every time they had to move around.
Victoria, James, and Laurent only appear together once. You see VictoriaJames and Laurent earlier, killing two people; One of which is Waylon, the other is a security guard at Grisham Mill.
Edward kisses Bella for the first time in the woods by her truck. In the movie he kisses her in her room.




Carlisle's car—which Alice, Jasper and Bella use to escape from James—is said to have dark tinted windows. In the movie the car they escape from doesn't seem to be tinted at all.
When Bella goes to meet the Cullens, Emmett and Rosalie are not there. At the scene where they prepare Bella's Italian dish Rosalie and Emmett are present.
When Bella goes to the Cullen house, she is wearing a khaki skirt and a dark blue blouse. In that scene Bella is wearing jeans, a green top and a jean jacket.
The Cullen siblings only take Edward's car to school, in order of being less noticeable. While driving to school Rosalie and Emmett both drive their own cars.
Edward tells Bella that if they become public, his family will be in trouble because it might 'end badly'. In the movie Rosalie and Emmett explain why it would end badly to Bella.
While they are playing baseball, Edward tells Bella to take down her hair. Alice says, "That won't work. I could smell her across the field." During the scene Alice doesn't say the words Rosalie says, "Like that will help. I could smell her from across the field."
There was no mention of what the Cullens wore to the baseball field. Esme acts as the umpire but does not physically play; she stays with Bella on the sidelines. The baseball scene has the Cullens wearing jerseys and hats. Also, Bella acts as umpire and Esme is the catcher and the teams are formed differently than in the book.
In the book, Bella's first day at Forks High School is on January 18. In the film, her first day at a new school is in March.
In the book, Forks High School is a cluster of separated buildings. In the movie, it is just one typical enclosed building.
In the book, in regard to the heroin line: Isabella offers the analogy "So what you're saying is, I'm your brand of heroin?" to which Edward replies "Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin." Edward mentions alcohol at first, but decides the reference is not a powerful enough illustration. In the film, the addiction reference is shortened. Alcohol is not mentioned, and when he compares her scent to a drug, Edward simply delivers the line "You're like my own personal brand of heroin."
In the book, Edward tells Isabella that he was planning to take her to visit his family on a Sunday when Bella was eating breakfast. In the movie, Edward jumps onto Bella's truck and then tells her that he is taking her to meet his family the next day.
In the book, Mr. Banner is Bella's biology teacher. In the movie, Mr. Molina is Bella's biology teacher.
In the book, the prom is held in their school gym. In the movie, prom is held at a hotel inn instead of the high school gym.
In the book, Bella reveals that she knows Edward is a vampire in the car on the way back to Forks from Port Angeles. In the movie, this revelation is moved to the forest beside Forks High School.
In the book, Bella uses a CD Player In the movie, she uses an iPod.
In the book, when they are in Edward's room Bella says: "You're not as scary as you think you are." Edward then pounces on Bella and they land on the couch. In the movie, when they are in Edward's room Bella says: "I'm not scared of you." Edward then says: "You really shouldn't have said that," slings Bella onto his back, and jumps out the window with her onto a tree.
In the book, Bella finds out about her truck while she is riding in Charlie's police cruiser from the airport.

In the movie, Bella doesn't know about the truck until after Billy and Jacob deliver it to her house.

In the book, their first kiss is next to Bella's truck after they leave the meadow. In the movie, Edward and Bella's first kiss is in Bella's room.
In the book, Jacob tells Bella all the legends of his tribe and she learns from him that Edward and his family are vampires. In the movie, Jacob tells her only part of the story, and she finds the rest out from a book that she buys in Port Angeles and the internet.
In the book, it is only after another student opens the door that Edward realizes that Bella is standing behind him in the office on her first day at school. In the movie, Edward seems to smell her as soon as she enters the room (although this could be that he heard the door open but because he couldn't hear any thoughts he realized it was her).
In the book, Alice helps Bella get ready for the prom. In the movie, Bella seems to get ready by herself, though she mentions that Alice let borrow her the dress that she wears.
In the book, the Cullens' house is old and white. In the movie, the Cullens' house is modern-looking, and painted in black and brown.
In the book, Bella ditches Jasper by running through the airport bathroom and hopping into a taxi from a hotel that the bus she got on took her to. In the movie, when Bella escapes from Alice and Jasper to meet up with James, she ditches them in the hotel lobby.
In the book, when Bella sees Jacob at the prom; he has grown significantly tall. In the movie, when Bella sees Jacob at the prom; he hasn't grown significantly.
In the book, it is mentioned that Jacob dances with Bella. In the movie, he just sits with her outside the inn.
In the book, Jacob fixes up a VW Rabbit, and Billy bribes him with auto parts and $20 to get him to warn Bella at the prom. In the movie, there is no mention of Jacob fixing up the Rabbit, or of Billy bribing him with auto parts to get him to warn Bella at the prom, but he does offer Jacob the $20.
In the book, the restaurant is Italian. In the movie, the restaurant is not Italian, and the scene goes much differently than in the book.
In the book, Bella has an old desktop computer. In the movie, Bella has a new Apple laptop.
In the book, when Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van, it is before school. In the movie, it happens right after school ends that day.
In the book, Bella said that she was going to Seattle to avoid going to a school dance. In the movie, she said that she was going to Jacksonville.
In the book, Charlie put snow chains on Bella's truck tires, and he hadn't told her about it. In the movie, Charlie put new tires on the truck instead, and told her before she left for school.
In the book, Angela isn't happy about going to the dance with Eric. In the movie, she hopes that he will ask her to the dance.
In the book, Edward didn't know that James and Victoria were together, a crucial point in the next two books with Edward saying that he would've known that Victoria would've come back if he had known that they were "mates". In the movie, James and Victoria walk away with James' arm draped over her shoulder. (during the baseball scene)
In the book, it is stated that Billy is unable to drive. In the movie, he is seen driving when Edward leaves Bella's house.
In the book, Edward has a silver Volvo S60R and Bella's truck is from the '50s. In the movie, he has a silver Volvo C30. and her truck is a '63.
In the book, Alice is supposed to be short. In the movie, she is almost as tall as Bella, and no more than six inches shorter than Jasper, although he is supposed to be 6'3" and she is supposed to be 4'10".
In the book, Emmett has curly hair. In the movie, his hair is straight and short.
In the book, Charlie has curly hair. In the movie, he does not.
In the book, Victoria, Laurent and James are introduced at the baseball game, much later in the story time line, and Waylon Forge or the guard from the mill are not included. In the movie, Victoria, Laurent and James were introduced early on, shown killing and feeding off two people, one being Charlie's friend Waylon Forge.
In the book, Bella has lunch, Biology, and then Gym. In the movie, they show her in Gym class, then in lunch, and then in Biology.
In the book, the cabinets in Bella's kitchen are yellow (her mom painted them yellow to try to bring 'sunshine' to Forks.) In the movie, they are teal.
In the book, Edward has a black leather couch with a golden rug and dark heavy fabric hung on the wall. In the movie, he has a white chaise lounge with white walls.
In the book, Bella arrived early, before everyone else. In the movie, Bella arrives at her first day of school while everyone was in the parking lot.
In the book, Bella and her friends visit the rock pools, and there is no mention of surfing. In the movie, when Bella and her friends go to First Beach, there are people surfing.
In the book, James mentions Alice's past. In the movie, James does not mention Alice's past.
In the book, when Carlisle and his family meets James, Victoria, and Laurent, Carlisle introduces them by their names. In the movie, when they meet James, Victoria, and Laurent, Carlisle just says, "This is my family".
In the book, Edward is supposedly taking Bella to Seattle, to get her out of going to the dance (instead, he goes with her to the meadow and shows her why he can't go out in the sunlight). In the movie, Bella confesses that she knows what he is and to try to scare her, he takes her up the mountain and shows her why they can't go into the sunlight.
In the book, on the way home from dinner in Port Angeles, Edward explains what it is like to be a vampire. In the movie, she finds out details in other parts of the movie.
In the book, Isabella wears a deep blue, frilly off-the-shoulder dress to prom with a stiletto heel with satin ribbon. In the movie, she is wearing a blue, halter-top dress with a sweater, light purple and a black pair of Chuck Taylor shoes.
In the book, on the way to the prom, Bella finds out that Edward is actually taking her to prom. In the movie, there is no mention of this because she seems to have known where she was going.
In the book, Victoria doesn't speak until her final appearance in Eclipse; Bella describes Victoria's voice as a tinkling, babyish soprano, saying that it was "a voice that belonged with blond curls and pink bubblegum." In the movie, Victoria first speaks when they're about to kill Waylon.
In the book, James called Bella to tell her to go to her house in Phoenix, and told her to call the number next to the phone. In the movie, she was told to go straight to the ballet studio.
In the book, Bella finds the ornamental cross in the Cullens' house ironic and mentions this to Edward. In the movie, she just passes by it, without a comment.
In the book, Isabella tells Jessica that Edward "drives like a maniac". In the movie, she doesn't seem to mind, although she does hate fast drivers.
In the book, Bella calls Jessica and Jessica asks what happened with Edward.. In the movie, it doesn't happen at all.
In the book Jasper poses as a senior, not a junior. In the movie, Jasper is seen on the class field trip along with Edward and Alice.
In the book, where Mike tells Bella that he doesn't like her being with Edward, ("He looks at you like you're something to eat."), she tells him off for interfering and laughs at his comment. In the movie, she says nothing and just shrugs it off.
In the book, Bella and Edward drove half way and ran the rest of the way to the clearing where they played baseball. In the movie, Bella and Edward drive Emmett's Jeep all the way and walk a short distance to the clearing where they played baseball.
In the book, Alice tells Bella how a person becomes a vampire as Edward doesn't want her to know. In the movie, Edward tells her.
In the book, Edward stays with Bella after saving her from Tyler's van, and also rides in the ambulance. Dialogue occurs between Edward and Bella in which he expresses his concern for her, plants the false "safe" version of the story in which he was there the whole time, and agrees to tell her the truth later in exchange for her cooperation. Later in the hospital, when Tyler asks how she was able to get out of the way so fast, Bella goes along with the false story Edward gave her, which earns his trust. The incident is much more involved than what is portrayed in the movie, giving Bella even more proof of Edward's superhuman abilities. Edward is standing only four cars down from Bella when Tyler loses control of the van. The van is spinning out of control and not only skids toward Bella, but rotates toward her after Edward's initial attempt to deflect it- supporting the "bad luck" idea about her. The van rocks up on two wheels after the first impact, causing Edward to further expose himself by catching it and moving Bella out of the way before it comes down on her legs. Edward braces himself against the car parked next to Bella's truck in order to stop the van, causing him to make an impression in it shaped like his shoulders - which Bella notices. Additionally, Bella is injured since Edward is moving too fast to be gentle when he grabs her and moves her out of the way. He is unable to prevent her head from smacking the icy pavement. Charlie arrives on the scene, and speaks to Bella before she is taken to the hospital. EMTs are involved, and Bella notices that 8 people are needed just to shift the van enough to bring stretchers in (presumably relating this to Edward's demonstration of his immense strength, just prior). A neck brace is put on Bella, much to her chagrin. Tyler's injuries come across as somewhat more severe in the book. In the movie, Edward walks away after saving Bella from Tyler's van and there is no dialogue between them at the time. Bella realizes Edward is obviously hiding something, and while she mentions his involvement, she chooses on her own not to bring up his inexplicable strength in being able to stop the van with his bare hands. This keeping of his secret without being asked to is how she earns his trust. The entire incident is simplified a great deal. Edward's impossible speed and strength are still obvious to Bella, but without quite as much evidence. Edward is on the other side of the parking lot when Tyler loses control of the van, which does not spin out of control, but slides laterally on its way to side-swipe Bella's truck - with her sandwiched between the two vehicles. Edward's reaction and/or movement seems faster. From a much greater distance than in the book, he gets to Bella in time to cradle her gently with one arm, and—almost casually—stop the motion of the van with the other. Edward is portrayed as a nearly unmovable force. The momentum of the van hardly affects him at all, barely causing him to rock toward the truck slightly, but not enough to come in contact with it. While the "story" is that she hit her head, Bella suffers no injury from the van or Edward's intervention, and is simply shocked after witnessing Edward's abilities. 9-1-1 is called, but the scene cuts to the hospital before an ambulance or EMTs are shown. Bella is never shown on a stretcher, or in a neck brace. After the accident, Charlie first sees Bella at the hospital, rather than at the school. Tyler is barely injured having only a small cut on his forehead.
In the book, Charlie is waiting in the waiting room for Bella. In the movie, Charlie is in the E.R. with Bella and tells Tyler: "You can kiss your license goodbye!"
In the book, it is stated that Esme was turned before Rosalie, meaning that Esme would be with the Cullens. In the movie, when Jacob tells Bella of the legends between his tribe and the Cullens, there is a flashback scene of Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett feeding on an animal. Esme is absent in the scene.
In the book, after the incident with the van, Edward undented the car he had smashed into. In the movie, he wasn't near any other car to dent it.
In the book, Laurent says the line "you brought a snack" in the form of a question. In the movie, James says the line, but as a statement.
In the book, when Edward tells Bella to distract him from turning his car around, she starts talking about Tyler and how he told everyone he was taking her to prom. In the movie, she just tells Edward to put on his seat belt.
In the book, when Isabella tells Charlie she's going out with Edward, he confuses him for Edwin. In the movie, he calmly asks, "Isn't he a little old for you?" He also never mistakenly calls Edward "Edwin".
In the book, the weather is supposed to be nice when Bella goes to La Push for the first time. In the movie, it is dreary.
In the book, Bella meets Jacob for the first time at the beach. In the movie, Bella meets Jacob for the first time when he and Billy bring the truck to the house.
In the book, it mentions Lauren going with them to First Beach. In the movie, ;Lauren is not even mentioned.

In the Twilight films, Lauren was combined with Jessica Stanley to create one character, named Jessica.[1]

In the book, when Bella goes to the Cullens' house, Alice and Jasper enter via the staircase. In the movie, they enter through the window (presumably after hunting).
In the book, the website where Bella researches about vampires is called "Vampires A - Z." This is an actual website. In the movie, Bella uses Google to find—a fictional website. The address is valid in real life, but was acquired by someone after the release of the movie for the purpose of padding it's hit count with curious Twilight fans. It is not what is shown in the movie.
In the book, Emmett and Jasper killed James in another room. In the movie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice kill James in the same room with Bella, Carlisle, and Edward.
In the book, Bella wakes up to Edward in the hospital. In the movie, she wakes up to Renée and Edward is pretending to be asleep.
In the book, Edward and Bella sit in the very back in Biology, in the middle row. She also sits on his left side. In the movie, they are on the left side of the room, toward the middle. Bella is sitting on his right side.
In the book, Edward and Bella say, "I love you," several times. In the movie, Edward and Bella never say, "I love you."
In the book, Edward said, "I feel like I've left my whole heart with you." In the movie, he doesn't use that line.
In the book, James bites Bella on her hand. In the movie, James bites Bella on her wrist.
In the book, Eric and Mike are in Bella's English class. In the movie, they are in her Biology class.
In the book, there is a rocking chair that Edward sits in while watching Bella sleep. In the movie, he stood by her dresser and window.
In the book, Edward tells Bella he watches her sleep almost every night. In the movie, Edward shyly tells her just for the past couple of months.
In the book, Bella is heard and seen by Edward murmuring his name while she sleeps. In the movie, Bella never talks in her sleep.
In the book, Eclipse, Bella refers the carpet in Edward's bedroom to being gold in color. In the movie, it is light.
In the book, Edward mentions that Jasper has the ability to manipulate people's emotions. In the movie, Edward never mentions what Jasper's abilities are when Bella asks if other people in his family can read minds he just mentions Alice's abilities.
In the book, after the baseball game Alice and Emmett go with Edward and Bella to Bella's house. In the movie, it's just Edward and Bella
In the book, Bella doesn't cut her leg on glass in the Ballet Studio; she cuts her head open. In the movie, she does cut her leg and slightly bangs her head with a little bit of blood there.
In the book, Edward asked Bella about the snow. In the movie, he asked her about the rain.
In the book, there is a spring dance and prom. In the movie, there is only prom.
In the book, Esme touches something that locks the house down. In the movie, it doesn't happen at all.
In the book, they have a blood testing day . In the movie, this never happens.
In the book, they sit together at lunch. In the movie, they never sit and talk they just stand by the salad bar.
In the book, right when Bella walks in, Esme and Carlisle are the first one's she meets then Alice and Jasper. Emmett and Rosalie aren't there. In the movie, Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, and Rosalie are there, with Alice and Jasper entering later through the window after the dangers of going public with their relationship have already been explained to Bella.
In the book, the guys that were following her taunted her but she never kicks one of the guys. In addition, Edward never exits his car; instead, pulls up swiftly and flings open the passenger door and growling fiercely, "Get in." He fears getting out of his vehicle will tempt him to kill her stalkers. In the movie, she kicks one of them. Edward also gets out of the car and growls at the men who were following her before regaining control and speeding off with Bella.
In the book, she vaguely remembers Jacob and Billy. In the movie, she seems to recognize them as soon as they are introduced.
In the book, Bella tells Edward, "You have never seen me in gym." In the movie, he doesn't spy on her in gym.
In the book, Bella gets a tour of the house and gets to hear stories of Carlisle. In the movie, she gets a tour of the house but we don't get to hear the story of Carlisle.
In the book, Bella's room is a light blue and her curtains are yellow. In the movie, the curtains are light blue.
In the book, Bella only talks to her mom through her slow internet or the house phone. In the movie, Bella has a cell phone.
In the book, all three guys (Mike, Eric, Tyler)

ask Bella to the Dance.

In the movie, only Mike does and Eric almost does.
In the book, there is Lauren who doesn't like Bella In the movie, the character of Lauren was not cast.

In the Twilight films, Lauren was combined with Jessica Stanley to create one character, named Jessica.[1]

In the book, no one knew Bella invited Edward to La Push. In the movie, they tease Bella for inviting Edward to La Push and call him a freak.
In the book, it says that Bella and Edward sit in a booth. In the movie, they sit at a table.
In the book, the waitress has medium/short hair In the movie, her hair is long.
In the book, Edward asks to move tables. In the movie, they sit where the waitress leads them.
In the book, all the male vampires in the Cullen family are well over 6 feet tall, with Emmett clearly being the tallest and Jasper being taller than Carlisle and Edward. In the movie, the Cullen males are not as tall as they are described in the books, and all appear to be around the same height. The difference in height between the Cullen men and the women is much less drastic. This is especially noticeable with Emmett, who is supposed to be much taller than the others, and Jasper, who looks rather small in the movie.
In the book, describes Esme's features as being less angular and more rounded than the others, and compares her to female film stars of the silent movie era. In the movie, Esme's appearance does not resemble this description at all.
In the book, Alice Cullen is 4'10" (147 cm) In the movie, Ashley Greene is 5'5" (165 cm)
In the book, when Edward said "I’m breaking all the rules now", he meant it cause Rosalie drove with her conspicuous car. In the movie, when Edward said "We are breaking all the rules now", he meant it cause Bella and Edward are a couple.
About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him—and I didn’t know how potent that part might be—that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Bella on Edward Cullen [scr] Twilight

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him—and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Bella on Edward Cullen [scr] Twilight (film)

In the book Bella's Internet connection is free dial-up that loads ads on every page. In the movie, Bella uses a cable or adsl connection on wifi.
In the book, the resturaunt Edward takes Bella to is called La Bella Italia In the movie, the resturaunt is called The Bloated Toad


Scenes/lines from the book that were left out of the movie:

Book Movie
In the book, Bella's head injury is crucial to Edward trying to justify her description of the events. In the movie, while they make mention of Bella hitting her head when Edward saves her from Tyler's van, she never actually hits her head in the scene.
In the book, Bella dares Edward to eat human food in the cafeteria. In the movie, this is not mentioned.
In the book, Edward mentions how 'twilight' is the 'safest time of day for vampires. In the movie, the time of actual twilight is never made significant or mentioned.
In the book,Angela Weber's love interest is Ben Cheney In the movie, there is no Ben Cheney, therefore Angela Weber's love interest is Eric Yorkie. There is also no Lauren Mallory.
In the book, Edward mentions that Jasper has the ability to control the emotions of people around him. In the movie, Jasper's ability is vaguely mentioned by Bella at her Birthday party, but never mentioned again.
In the book, EmmettRosalie, Alice, and Jasper attend the prom. In the movie, they are not there.
In the book, Bella tells Edward that he dazzles people while they are having dinner in Port Angeles. In the movie, she never mentions it.
In the book, Edward invites Bella to sit with him at lunch, leaving the rest of Bella's friends jealous. In the movie, Edward never invites Bella to sit with him at lunch.
In the book, there is a "girl's choice" dance, as well as the prom. In the movie, there is only the prom.
In the book, Tyler tells everyone that he is taking Bella to prom, without her permission. In the movie, there is no mention of this and he's dancing at the prom with someone else.
In the book, Tyler comes to Bella's house to take her to prom and Edward tells him over the phone that he is taking her. In the movie, this isn't mentioned.
In the book, Bella sheds some angry tears when Edward took her to the prom. In the movie, there was no scene in the car. Instead of crying in the car,Bella said,having arrived at prom"I can't believe your making me do this", as they entered the building where the prom was being held she said "Wow. You're really trying to kill me."
In the book during the hospital scene towards the end, Edward says that he will stay with Bella "as long as it is best for her". In the movie, he simply says "Where else am I going to go."
In the book, Edward takes Bella in to Carlisle's study and shows her the paintings and tells her about his past. In the movie, they don't go into any details of Carlisle's past.
In the book, James reveals information about Alice's past; In the movie, James doesn't even mention knowing Alice.
In the book, Bella finds out about the Cullens' past. In the movie, Bella never finds out about any of the Cullens' past, except a little bit of Edward's.
In the book, Alice walks into Edward's room with Jasper and says, "It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share." In the movie, Alice doesn't make this reference.
In the book, there is a hunting trip, therefore Edward leaves Bella a note telling her to "Be Safe" while he is away. In the movie, there is no hunting trip, therefore Edward doesn't leave Bella a note.
In the book, Bella leaves her jacket in Jessica's car, forcing her to wear Edward's. In the movie, Bella does not leave her jacket in Jessica's car.
In the book, there are scenes with Jasper and Bella, where he tells her that she is worth fighting for, Alice tells her that "we who have been with Edward for so long" can see the changes in him, none of them want to look at him for the next 100 years knowing he lost her. In the movie, they didn't include the scenes with Jasper and Bella.
In the book, there is a drive and "walk" to the meadow for the first time In the movie, they reach the meadow in a very different way, just after Bella tells Edward she knows what he is.
In the book, there is mention of the Denali coven. In the movie, there is no mention of the Denali coven.
In the book, Bella and Edward have assigned "days" where they ask questions about the other. In the movie, Bella does all the asking of questions at different points.
In the book, Edward told Bella that he and Emmett were going hunting during the time she would be in La Push. In the movie, he doesn't mention his trip with Emmett and just makes it seem like the beach is too crowded which was his way of getting out of her invitation to the beach.
In the book, Bella writes a note to Edward saying that James has her mom and she has to try to save her. In the movie, she writes no note at all and just goes to the studio.
In the book, Edward stalls traffic so Tyler could ask Bella to the dance. In the movie, Tyler doesn't even ask her.
In the book, Bella goes the "Vampires A-Z" website. In the movie, she goes to a different site.
In the book, when Bella researches about the vampires, she mentioned the Danag, a Filipino vampire, and other vampires from countries all over the world. In the movie, she sees there are stories of vampires in Egypt and Peru and connects the dots from there.
In the book, Bella shows that she faints at the sight and smell of blood in Ch. 5 entitled "Blood Type." In the movie, all of Ch. 5 is excluded.
In the book, there is Bella's gym teacher, Coach Clapp. In the movie, there is no mention of him.
In the book, they watch a movie in Biology class. In the movie, they don't watch a movie in Biology class.
In the book, Mike can't stand Edward because he is jealous of his relationship with Bella and vice versa. In the movie, Mike doesn't really show much dislike for Edward except when he confronts Bella about it on her way into the diner to meet her dad for dinner.
In the book, there were more kissing scenes and love scenes. In the movie, there were just two kisses.
In the book, when Bella left with Alice and Jasper they were the last ones to go. In the movie, they were the first.
In the book, Edward kisses Bella inside the house before he leaves with Carlisle and Emmett to get James to follow them. In the movie, Edward doesn't kiss Bella he just says "you are my life now," before Jasper takes off.
In the book, during the baseball scene, Esme tells Bella about her infant son dying, and her subsequently jumping off of a cliff. In the movie, Esme or Edward doesn't mention her past at all.
In the book, Edward literally sweeps Bella off of her feet when she almost faints because she smells blood. Edward finds this very ironic. In the movie, Bella is never placed in a situation to show any aversion to the smell of blood.
In the book, Bella and Renée e-mail one another as a form of communication. In the movie, their form of communication is on the phone.
In the book Alice says that she can smell Bella across the field in the baseball scene In the movie, Rosalie says that she can smell Bella across the field in the baseball scene
In the book Bella's bed is single. In the movie, Bella has a double bed in her bedroom.
In the book, Bella's bedroom is painted blue. In the movie, it is green.
In the book, Edward tackles Bella after saying "You really shouldn't have said that" but they are still in his room. In the movie, he grabs her and jumps out the window and takes her up a tree.
Edward talks to Bella about Carlisle's history In the movie, Carlisle's history is never mentioned.
In the book, Jessica Stanley isn't very fond of Bella but acts as her friend anyway. Later, she hangs around with Lauren Mallory more, and both hate Bella. In the movie, other than being jealous of her, Jessica doesn't seem to mind Bella. Lauren Mallory wasn't even cast.
In the book, Edward shows Bella a painting of Carlisle's acquaintances from Italy: Aro, Caius, and Marcus This scene is moved to the second movie, where Edward talks more about them.


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