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Top ten Twilight stereotypes

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Emmett The Sex Addict ~ Em and Rosalie are NOT addicted to sex, for crying out loud.

Bella The Klutz ~ Yes, Bella is uncoordinated, But just because Smeyer points that out every other sentence doesn't mean we have too. "Oops! Bella Fell... AGAIN"

Alice the Shopaholic ~ It is a well known fact that most women (and some men. And some women hate shopping) enjoy shopping, but Alice's train of thought is NOT always "Shopping! Shopping! shopping!" She has a I.Q. and feelings.

Carlisle The Sexy but Calm Doctor ~ Screw the fact that Carlisle is a humanitarian who leads the family, people only see him as Sexy, a Doctor, and Calm. There is nothing else to him (note: I am Sarcastic)

Esme The Clean Freak ~ Where on Earth in Twilight does Stephenie Meyer portray Esme Cleaning everything??? NOWHERE!

Tanya the Whore ~ Everyone thinks that Tanya is only there as a potential Edward stealer. She is also a stripper. Oh, Wait... We saw her in Breaking Dawn ... And she is NICE!

Edward the Emo ~ Despite the fact that I hate him, he can smile and he sometimes a sense of humor. He is not an Emo.

Rosalie the Heartless Anti Bella Bitch ~ She teamed up with Bella in Breaking Dawn. and she was only rude to Bella because she wanted Bella to stay human... WTF.

Jacob the Egotistical Jerk ~ "Look at me! I'm hot! My abs! I'm sort of beautiful!!" No, his looks are not everything. He does have a personality and some rabid Team Jacob fans are not helping.

Jasper the Quiet Depressed One ~ According to Rabid Twitards, Jasper is nothing more than a super quiet person with no personality. He is also thought to be depressed, cutting himself, emo, and uncontrollable. He has not personality (sarcasm). NO! He is reserved thanks to Maria! He DOES have a personality! >:(

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Jane the Evil Little Nasty ~ Yes, Jane is pretty evil, but I'm sure she was somewhat nice before Aro turned her! And imagine how boring the Twilight Saga would be without the bad guys!

Renesmee the World's Perfect Child ~ She is a bigger Mary-Sue then Bella and Edward combined. Cased closed.

Aro the Cheerful ~ Oh, Come on... At one point in his life he has been sad... He isn't always skipping and crapping rainbows.

Felix the Evil Cullen Hater ~ I think he has a good bone in his body. Everyone hates him because he gave Edward the whipping of a lifetime.

Irina the Bitch ~ Irina was in Forks because she felt bad for not helping the Cullen's fight the newborns in Eclipse and wanted to make peace. The only reason she told the Volturi that Renesmee was an immortal child was because she actually believed she was one and thought Renesmee really was dangerous. She probably didn't want the same thing that happened to her mother happen to the Cullen's.

The Volturi are heartless - Half the time they are intervining on the Cullen's, they were just doing their job. Plus what would happen if no one was around to keep order in the vampire world. Yes, death is their punisment, but can you think of any other way to punish a vampire.

Jessica the Airhead--Hello! In the Eclipse movie she was the class valedictorian. She has a brain! She's smarter than Bella!

Alec the evil twin ~ Although he's evil he's also calm, and good thing he can control Jane. She would be out of control by now.

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