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Mikey Mike Newton! like Fig Newton
Twilight is like Goldylocks. Jacob is too hot, Edward is to cold, but Mike? 98.6. Just right.

He drives a Suburban. Eat your heart out, Volvo and Rabbit. (I have no clue what a Suburban looks like, but I bet he makes it look sexy, so there.)

He's dated Jessica Stanley and has a crush on Bella, which means he must a) have really low standards, or b) be able to really look deep inside a girl to find her attractive points. Either way, after Jessica and Bella, he'd be in complete awe of any other girl and their non-Jessicaness or Bellaness, and practically worship us. He deserves much better than those two

Marshmallows are sweet and soft, and they taste really good, so YES, Jacob, I DO want to date that marshmallow

If marry him, I could change my first name to Fig, and then be the awesomest person EVER.

Screw black or bronze hair. Blonds have all the fun.

Having worked in his family's store throughout the books, he has a work ethic! Plus, he's very in-the-know about outdoors stuff because of it, and could whisk you away on a romantic camping trip (one which doesn't include feeding on deer).

He's like a little, lost, eager puppy. No, not a violent werewolf. An adorable puppy.

He could give you a normal life in which you don't have to eat other cute animals or risk getting clawed!

"How you likin' da rain, gurrrrlll?" 'nuff said!

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He is like so nice to everyone especially Bella and Jessica.

He never gives up on Bella

He was nice to Bella when she first came to Forks

His baby blue eyes are adorable!

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