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Top Ten Alternate endings to the series

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Instead of imprinting on Renesmee, Jacob imprints on Lizzie. Everything goes the same way, except Aro demands the Cullens let Nessie visit him annually. They reluctantly agree.

The Volturi forcibly take Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward. Aro declares his undying love for Carlisle and the series ends with the words, "LE GASP!".

Irina comes back as a ghost and plagues everyone until Alice reveals herself as not only a psychic, but a exorcist-ish person too.

Felix kidnaps Bella in the name of love.

Bree lives and become an older. Sister to renesmee

Stephenie Meyer's fanfic Breaking DAWN, which Bella marries Mike, Jacob kills Alice , and Bella commits suicide

jane kills alec and aro kills jane and marcus finds out what happened to Didyme da-da-daaa!!!

The Cullens save Bree and she becomes a Cullen and learns to be a vegetarian. Then Bree tells the Cullens about Fred and Carlisle goes to Vancouver and brings Fred back with him and Fred and Bree fall in love.

Bella choses Jacob and Edward spends the rest of his life with Tanya

Bree lives but kills Charlie Swan. Edward then kills her.

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Edward leaves Bella after hearing her thoughts for the first time and realizing how self centered she is.

The shape-shifters and olympic coven join the volturi

Bree and Diego live and join the Olympic Coven

Everything happens in the five movies. Then, everything blurs. Alice snaps back to reality, walks over to Jasper, Saying "I Know Where To Go". Then the cafeteria scene in twilight appears, Edward and Bella's gazes meet and Alice smiles, saying "It all begins"

Instead of Rachel coming back to the Reservation, Embry's true father is exposed.

Irina returns to her sisters and Alec falls in love with her

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