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Jane killed Bella

The Volturi forcibly take Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward. Aro declares his undying love for Carlisle and the series ends with the words, "LE GASP!".

Instead of imprinting on Renesmee, Jacob imprints on Lizzie. Everything goes the same way, except Aro demands the Cullens let Nessie visit him annually. They reluctantly agree.

Irina comes back as a ghost and plagues everyone until Alice reveals herself as not only a psychic, but a exorcist-ish person too.

Bree lives and become an older. Sister to renesmee

Stephenie Meyer's fanfic Breaking DAWN, which Bella marries Mike, Jacob kills Alice , and Bella commits suicide

jane kills alec and aro kills jane and marcus finds out what happened to Didyme da-da-daaa!!!

The Cullens save Bree and she becomes a Cullen and learns to be a vegetarian. Then Bree tells the Cullens about Fred and Carlisle goes to Vancouver and brings Fred back with him and Fred and Bree fall in love.

Edward is in love with bella when they first meet

Bree lives but kills Charlie Swan. Edward then kills her.

Edward marries bella instead of leaving her

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The shape-shifters and olympic coven join the volturi

Bree and Diego live and join the Olympic Coven

Everything happens in the five movies. Then, everything blurs. Alice snaps back to reality, walks over to Jasper, Saying "I Know Where To Go". Then the cafeteria scene in twilight appears, Edward and Bella's gazes meet and Alice smiles, saying "It all begins"

Instead of Rachel coming back to the Reservation, Embry's true father is exposed.

Irina returns to her sisters and Alec falls in love with her

The Volturi leaves Jane behind because a wolf imprints on her

Instead of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee either Leah or Seth do

Cullens and wolf pack expirience a ground hog day- in which a day repeats itself and restarts when someone dies.

Rebecca Black comes back to the reservation with her husband only to be imprinted on and her husband shifts in to a................. ROCK!

Seth Imprints on Jane and she starts to turn human, seduces him, gets pregnant runs home to Italy

Bella and Edward hands themselves to the Volturi

Bella and Edward hands themselves to the Volturi

The Cullens together with their allies defeats the Volturi during Breaking Dawn, and The Cullens are elected as vampire royal officially of the vampire world....

Bella dies on her honeymoon and Edward and Jacob have a fight to the death except neither dies because that's Edward's ultimate punishment and Jacob moves on with his life because he's f*cking 17 years old and that's what you do.

Bella dies in childbirth and no one imprints on the demon spawn. The wolves come to kill Renfailmee and Jacob helps them. Edward is too dispondant to help defend the baby and the only one fighting is Rosalie who dies quickly. The Cullen's come back just in time to see Rosalie die and go on the war path. Each Cullen loses one of its other halves and decides to give up because they now have nothing to live for. (That apparently means love in this universe) all of the Cullen's are wiped out of existence but Edward because he stood idley by and that's the punishment Jacob saw fit for killing Bella. The wolves go home, but have issues to still work through. Nothing is ever the same again and they stay in separate packs.

Jane and Alec switch sides during the fight in breaking dawn. Leah imprints on Alec and Seth imprints on Jane. Eventually both couples have kids

Marcus finds out about Aro killing his wife . He tells everyone exposing Aro for his crime. Causing everyone to attack Aro. Once Aro dies, Seth imprints on Jane And Leah Imprints on alec . Alec and jane leave the volturi to live normal lives with their loves.

The fight in breaking dawn does occur causing Jacob to raise Renesmee. The only oth survivors are New couple Jane and Seth, Sam, And Leah. Execpt Sam they all help raise renesmee. And Leah falls in love and has kids as well as Jane and Seth

In breaking dawn they all die expect for Bella, Edward, Reneesme, and Jasper. Jasper soon fall in love with Nessie.

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