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Instead of imprinting on Renesmee, Jacob imprints on Lizzie. Everything goes the same way, except Aro demands the Cullens let Nessie visit him annually. They reluctantly agree.

The Volturi forcibly take Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward. Aro declares his undying love for Carlisle and the series ends with the words, "LE GASP!".

Irina comes back as a ghost and plagues everyone until Alice reveals herself as not only a psychic, but a exorcist-ish person too.

Felix kidnaps Bella in the name of love.

Bree lives and become an older. Sister to renesmee

Stephenie Meyer's fanfic Breaking DAWN, which Bella marries Mike, Jacob kills Alice , and Bella commits suicide

jane kills alec and aro kills jane and marcus finds out what happened to Didyme da-da-daaa!!!

The Cullens save Bree and she becomes a Cullen and learns to be a vegetarian. Then Bree tells the Cullens about Fred and Carlisle goes to Vancouver and brings Fred back with him and Fred and Bree fall in love.

Bella choses Jacob and Edward spends the rest of his life with Tanya

Bree lives but kills Charlie Swan. Edward then kills her.

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Edward leaves Bella after hearing her thoughts for the first time and realizing how self centered she is.

The shape-shifters and olympic coven join the volturi

Bree and Diego live and join the Olympic Coven

Everything happens in the five movies. Then, everything blurs. Alice snaps back to reality, walks over to Jasper, Saying "I Know Where To Go". Then the cafeteria scene in twilight appears, Edward and Bella's gazes meet and Alice smiles, saying "It all begins"

Instead of Rachel coming back to the Reservation, Embry's true father is exposed.

Irina returns to her sisters and Alec falls in love with her

The Volturi leaves Jane behind because a wolf imprints on her

Instead of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee either Leah or Seth do

Cullens and wolf pack expirience a ground hog day- in which a day repeats itself and restarts when someone dies.

Rebecca Black comes back to the reservation with her husband only to be imprinted on and her husband shifts in to a................. ROCK!

Seth Imprints on Jane and she starts to turn human, seduces him, gets pregnant runs home to Italy

between breaking dawn part 1 and part 2, Bella and Edward have sex but bella doesn't get pregnant. After sometime, they start wondering if they want kids or not. ( in this story they already know male vamps can impregnate human women but they dont know the dangers of human women being pregnant with a vampire hybrid). In the Volturi castle, Jane is coughing up blood. Aro is baffled why jane is coughing up bloodsi Aro calls Carlisle to see jane. Since Carlisle can't stay for a long time in Volterra, he brings Jane to Forks. While there, Jane stops being sadistic and bonds with Bella. After a month of being there, Carlisle finally works out why Jane was coughing up blood; it turns out she can have babies and she might be the only one in vampire history to have babies. Bella and Edward finally realize that maybe Jane could have their baby. Jane is not keen on the idea but is willing to do it for her new best friend Bella. After Carlisle injects Edward and Bella's egg (so when the baby is born it will have Bella and Edward's features) into Jane, He says that Jane must stay so he can keep track of the pregnancy. Aro, not knowing that Jane is now pregnant, kidnaps Jane because now the vampires don't fear the the Volturi that much since Jane is not there to hurt vampires with her gift. Jane soon becomes attatched to the baby and starts to think if she wants to keep the baby after it is born while Aro is crazy on the idea because he believes that the baby will inherit Bella's shield. At the Cullen's home, Bella and Edward are heartbroken and believe that Jane went back by herself and kidnapped their unborn baby. After the baby is born, jane still cares about Bella and her plan to name the baby Renesmee if it's a girl, Jane names the baby Renesmee and her middle name Isajane(a combination of isabella and jane, pronounced: isa-jane). 4 years later, Renesmee Isajane Volturi believes Jane is her biological mother and Dimitri her real father, due to one of the volturi guards wiping out any thoughts that renesmee heard when she was in the womb to any realization that Jane isn't her mother. Ren (nickname) can still put thoughts into people's minds by touch but since being in Jane's womb, she can also put thought s into people's mind without touch and add confusion so they think their crazy. Aro puts up a barrier so the Cullen family can't get Ren and also to keep from Ren going out. By this time, Bella is a vampire and is determined to get get her daughter back (also, just a heads-up, Alice still can't see ren but knows she is a girl 'coz she had a vision of Jane giving birth). Alice has another vision of them paying a visit to the Volturi. The cullen's visit the Volturi and see Jane and Demitri are not there including Ren. Bella and Edward shout at the Volturi leaders, demanding to get their daughter back. Finally, Aro agrees as long as they don't tell Ren that they are their real parents. Edward and Bella start getting closer to Ren and Ren remembering flashes of thoughts that include Bella's voice. Ren starts to question if Jane is really her mother since she has Edward's bronze hair and brown eyes. One day while training with Alec, Renesmee hits her head too hard, causing her to go into coma for three days. She suddenly wakes up and remembers the thoughts she had in the womb. Jane, desperate to keep ren, still says that she came out of her tummy, this part still confusing renesmee. Renesmee learns the truth why Bella couldn't have her when she was human and why her powers matches Edward's. Aro also deperate to keep ren for her powers; starts a fight with the Cullen's and in the process killing Renesmee and Cauis being killed. Jane and Dimitri allow Bella and Edward to take Renesmee back to Forks for her burial. Jacob see's Renesmee and imprints on her, also giving her a light kiss on the cheek. The kiss revives Ren and she wakes up giving her parents hugs. Renesmee still misses Dimitri and Jane and Ren's parents allow Jane and Dimitri to be Ren's aunt and uncle while she and Jacob start a relationship after finding out that he imprinted on her. The story ends with an older Renesmee resting her head on Jacob's shoulder laughing and saying how his kiss revived her, with him replying that since he imprinted on her, an inprinter's kiss is so powerful it can heal his imprint. They kiss and live happily ever after. The End. Hey guys! this story is by Liv Clarence. yes, i am the one that reviewed some of the twilight fanfictions. Also please check out my other story in "alternate endings to eclipse" it's about bella and jacob becoming distant and bella turns into a wolf. The story is a bit short when you read it.hope you liked the story, gotta go bye!:

Sirius Black falls from the sky. He proceeds to laugh at the "Werewolves" and prank Edward, Bella and the Volturi without mercy.

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