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  • #1
    In Twilight, Bella states to Edward in the nurses office she can smell blood. Perhaps she has a heightened sense of smell over the average human. So, perhaps her gifted self control as a newborn is because she still somewhere in the back of her mind remembers the smell of rust and salt, and that makes it a bit easier for her to control herself. Just a little, though, as the memory is Alicehale.jasper
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    Fred is the newborn in Eclipse that attacked Jacobby Alicehale.jasper
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    Jasper's trouble with self-control is caused by his ability to sense emotions; he can sense other's thirst, thereby multiplying his Alicehale.jasper
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    Rosalie is and always will be unknowingly about 12 hours pregnant. There bodies don't change and she was raped Alicehale.jasper

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