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write 1 reason you should be with Taylor Lautner

  • #1
    Because he likes honest, loyal Helloimpinecone
  • #2
    Because I'm not a stalker!!! I let him live his life the way he wants to, even though I love him to death!by Helloimpinecone
  • #3
    Because we do a lot of the same stuff and like a lot of the same stuff but, we have differences so we're not exactly the same person, but can still Helloimpinecone
  • #4
    Because I don't have the physicality of a twig, I'm honest, I like to think I'm humorous, I wouldn't hurt him, and we're really different but maybe some differences in his life would be good. *sigh* Oh well. A girl can TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

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