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Stand aside, I'll tell you why you should love the ever-living snot out of Jacob Black. 1, he's fun. He always makes time for fun. 2, he's caring. He openly said he loved and cared Bella all over the place and he meant it. 3, He's HONEST. He had NO problem telling Bella anything, unless absolutely forbidden. 4, he's resilient. He can get through anything. Except heartbreak, BELLA. 5, he's TOTALLY FREAKING HOT. AND HE CAN STAY THAT WAY IF HE SO CHOOSES. And ya know what? Jacob got the short stick on everything. Edward BREAKS Bella, and he's there for her. And she goes running back to him at the first shot. Hey, he wasn't even ashamed of kissing her. There is no character, real or imaginary, like Jacob Black.

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