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    Benjamin - He has the gift of elemental manipulation. However, he is very open to mental powers, and, if not quick enough, can easily become an open MinorStoop
  • #2
    Bella Swan - She has a mental shield, which allows her to shield herself, as well as others from mental powers. She is considered the biggest threat to the MinorStoop
  • #3
    Jane - She is able to create the illusion of pain and is one of the highest-ranked guards in the MinorStoop
  • #4
    Edward Cullen - Edward has the gift of telepathy, which allows him to read the minds of others, though he can't read Bella's mind. Reading the minds of others can give Edward an advantage in fights and difficult MinorStoop
  • #5
    Alec - He has the gift of sence deprivation, being able to cut off all your physical senses, sight, touch, hearing, etc. He, too, is one of the highest-ranked guard in the MinorStoop
  • #6
    Alice Cullen - She has precognition. Alice has learned to control her vision. Though her visions are subjective; and she can only see the future once a decision affecting it has been made, and some visions are more certain than others, Alice has a very powerful gift, and has an MinorStoop
  • #7
    Jasper Hale - Jasper's ability is pathokinesis. His ability allows him to sense and change the aura around a being so their emotion is MinorStoop
  • #8
    Siobhan - She has the gift of outcome manipulation. She can change an event or course of events by visualizing it with hard concentration. With time, and with practice, Siobhan could possibly learn to manipulate events with little or no MinorStoop
  • #9
    Kate can cover her body with an electrical current. Upon physical contact while her gift is in use, depending on the power she puts into it, the person can feel as little as static shock or great enough to cause their knees to buckle and have them on their backs. Because this talent doesn't effect Bella, the current most likely sends a signal to the brain which would be a similar effect to Jane's MinorStoop
  • #10
    Chelsea - She is able to manipulate relationships. She, along with Jane and Alec, is also one of the highest-ranked guard in the Volturi. Her gift allows Aro to secure important members within the MinorStoop
  • #11
    Renata - She has the gift of physical attack diversion, which is a shield she can you to sheild herself and others. She is Aro's personal guard, and will protect Marcus and Caius if MinorStoop

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