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Callousness and lack of empathy: Bella’s lack of empathy for anyone who was not her was shocking and disturbing. She never bothered considering how anyone felt about anything she did, particularly towards Charlie, and outright stated several times that she didn’t understand emotion and had trouble faking it simply because she didn’t feel it. She also feels no empathy for people dying; until she believes Charlie is being threatened, she doesn’t care that people are out dying in the woods. She becomes angry at herself for being distressed at witnessing the mass murder of forty or fifty innocent civilians at the hands of the Volturi, and then completely forgets about it once they leave Italy. Finally, she brushes off all of Edward’s concerns and feelings on the matter of her soul because they stand in the way of what she wants; she does outright state that she just cannot see his side of it, and makes absolutely no effort to do so.

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