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Edward perspecive would be an interesting book/film because he has such a big dislike to jacob and not just beause the are natural ememies, it would be good to see how he reacts to Nesssie and Jacob together.

because, there are so much other characters that we dont know what will happen to their future. like renesmee.. a half human and half vampire, will she ever bear a child even if she is a half vampire and especially to a werwolf? their natural enemies.. and to edward and bella.. what will be their reactions. will edward feel bad?.. and to bella.. what will she feel when the guy he once loved will become her son in-law ? and also it is a very beautiful book that i can't honestly make my life happier without it!

We need to know if Jacob and Renesmee get married and what they name their children

She should make another series starring Jacob and Renesmee.

Because Siobaham points out that it's not over yet.

Because she is too good of a writer to stop so soon!!

Because I want to see how Jacob and Renesmee turn out.

Because there are questions about how Renesmee would grow up that were not answered

There would be more Twilight books!

Because I want to know what happens to leah

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Because I'm beyond obsessed and want to know more!

People really love those fantastic books! Need I go on?

I want to see who Embry imprints on

I want to see what happens to Edward and Bella, Jacob and Renesmee in the future

Because her stories are an insperation to young writers or to those who whis to someday become on such as myself. Because i love twilight,to see how Renesemee's life turns out, and also because she is really good at writing she truly has a gift with words

We would find out how Edward reacts to Renesmee loving Jacob!

We know too little about the other Cullens, the Volturi, and the vampires that helped witness for them.

Because the story is obviously not over.

More of the Twilight universe can be discovered, such as the 'real' Werewolves and if there are any other mythical creatures in the series.

Other characters in the series could be developed and their background analysed more.

Find out what has happened to other charactors such as 'Freaky Fred'.

Seth never gets to imprint and since he's already so happy he might explode.

Because The Twilight Saga Just Needs To be Continued!!!

Because we have to know how Leah ends up in this series...!!

Stephenie should continue the Twilight series so there will be more movies!!

We never got to see Jacob and Renesmee together as a couple.

Brady and Collin never got a chance to be important.

She could do it in Renesmee POV

Because there is potential to be a "sequel series" about Jacob and Renesmee

It would be nice to know if Leah gets her own happy ending

Minor characters, such as the Denali sisters or Fred, could be brought back to have their stories told

Tanya should have her own mate

Then she'll enrich her readers' lives

I want Edward and Jacob to fight!

Edward's story should be told. Midnight Sun should be continued. I'm dying to know what goes through Edwards mind, when he leaves Bella, when they're together again. When she want to continue her friendship with Jocob. When they get married. When they realize that she's pregnant. During the pregnancy. During the birth and her time burning. When she wakes up. Edward should have his own story because he play such a significant role in Bella's life.

Just the simple fact we all want another twilight book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have have to know edward's perspective for all four books. so we get 4 more books to read

Because we want to know how Jacob and Renesmee's children will be. (werewolf, vampire, human or all)

We need to delve into the lives of the amazing Volturi and how each member got there!

Cuz the fanfiction people write about the saga contiuing is...just weird. We need more books about their lives with Renesmee grown up!

Cuz the fanfictions about the continuation of the story are just...weird. We need continuation to see how they all feel about Nessie growig up!!!

Cause we need to see more about vampire life outside the cullens

We need to see Charlie's reaction when he knows about Renesmee and Jacob.

Because it is just clearly not over. There is so much more to be delved into, so much more of a story to be told.

Because in Breaking Dawn it says that is probable that the Vulturi return with another reason to fight with the Cullens.

Because want to know more about what will happen

Because The Volturi re Awesome And There Is So Much We Don't Know About Them

Because I Wanna See More Edward <3

I Wanna See more about The story... More about Edward and Bella as parents and how they tell there Family why they dont age and how they exsplain how Renesmae isin love with Jacom

More Edward And

The story hasn't been finished entirely. The last line of breaking dawn was then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of this forever. The story of bella & edward was finished probabely but the story of renesmee and jacob was about to start. and the voltury weren't defeated and a note of continuing was there too in the novel.

I want more Wolfs and i want to know why they are so big a want a girl alfa wolf that hates vamps 4 some reason and what will happen

Jack needs a new love and its Nessie and someon fighting over him like he did over bella

Because Nessie needs to grow up and choose between Jacob and Nahuel in the end like Bella choose between Edward and Jacob

because kate and garrett become mates and garrett follow kate in book3 of breaking dawn and stephanie meyer is the best author of twilight breaking dawn

What does the Cullen family look like a hundred years after the ending of Breaking Dawn? How will Bella cope with losing her human family to old age? Will she ever see her mother again?

This is so not over! you think the volturi wont come baaack!!!!!!!!!

Cuz i wanna know how Jacob and Renesmee turn out and if she does write another book i hope it's in Renesmee's POV!!! (Stephenie Meyer you rule Best Author Ever!!)

because iam in love with twilight and i think we should know more about jacob and how edward and the rest of the famly turn out and we all will probly hate it if we dont get to see edward any more he sooossoosoos sexy!! well comming from a 12 year old i think he seriously foxy lol

there needs to be more of thoose beutie full charicters oh and if u get a chance to write anew book i know what im putting all of my 100 dollars to the books / movies plus tell robert pattipn son katie12 said ur so beutie full i whish i could see more of ur romantic ness

its soo good and i quote its like my own brand of harrowen lol i luvz u edward <3

The twilight series is awesome

I want to see twlight continue, I loved it

there should be a twilight book for alec in the voltuir gaurd

Because Twilight is the best book ever, and I'd like to see more of Jacob and Nessie!

I need my Edward back <3

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