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<toplist lastupdate="20130302064453" />[[Category:Top 10 Lists]]
{{TopTenList/Item|Renesmee Cullen}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Charlie Swan}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Ben Cheney}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Mike Newton}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jessica Stanley}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Renee Dwyer}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Phil Dwyer}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Angela WeberCharlie}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Eric Yorkie}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward Cullen}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacob Black}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Bella Swan}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Sue Clearwater}}

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