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Here's a list of my favorite characters from the Twilight Series (Books). I only have four of them.

  • #1
    Alice Cullen: I love her, her visions, and her wicked fashion senseby MinorStoop
  • #2
    Edward Cullen: He is so romantic and old-fashioned, just like me! Bella doesn't deserve a man like Edward but because he loves her so much, I accept their relationship. I'm Team Edward because I honestly love Edward, the character, not because of "the fight for Bella's heart"by MinorStoop
  • #3
    Carlisle Cullen: he is the kindest vampire I have ever read about; he doesn't kill people and he is truly upset when he has to kill MinorStoop
  • #4
    Emmet Cullen: he is the funniest one in the book. He never stops making me laughby MinorStoop

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