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Takes place years after Breaking Dawn – A grown up Renesmee falls in love with a male human and it seems like Bella and Edwards love story is being repeated (only with gender roles reversed). She meets him at art collage and they spend 2 happy years together in love. One day when Renesmee goes home after visiting her Granddad Charlie she finds her boyfriend dead – and drained of blood. Although Renesmee is not a brilliant tracker she follows the scent and discovers three vampires – Jane, Alec and Demetri cleaning blood off themselves. Renesmee does not attack them then – she leaves and plots her revenge. The Cullen family also discover the boyfriends body and try to find Renesmee but no Renesmee is to be found. Years and years later when Edward and Bella have almost giving up hope that there daughter will be found she turns up – almost insane with revenge. She has been training everyday since her boyfriends death to hunt and kill the Volturi guards that murdered her boyfriend. Renesmee hunts Jane first and is able to corner Jane while she is out hunting for Aro. Renesmee has became a powerful fighter over the years – she is able to defeat Jane but does not kill her. She tortures Jane before killing her in the most disturbing ways possible. Renesmee films the whole ideal and sends the tapes to any vampire coverns she is able to reach – her message is clear: Alec and Demetri are next. At first Renesmee's only goal is to kill the ones that killed her boyfriend but as she goes along with her plan her revenge and insanity go deeper. She starts to plot to kill the Volturi but then the Cullen family find her and try to convince her that revenge will not bring her boyfriend back. Renesmee is beyond reason and she attacks – Almost killing Esme in the process. The Cullens are shocked and furious – Carlisle tracks her down to try and reason with her. He finds her at the Volturi headquarters trying to kill as many Volturi as possible. He is just in time to stop her killing Aro. A angry Renesmee launches at him but he is able to throw her off him. She goes in for a second attack but he blocks her. 'Are we really going to do this Ness?' He asks her quietly as she recovers quickly from his block. Renesmee laughs at him. 'Oh Carlisle ' she smiles ' You really need to have every inch of that self-righteous sparkly arse kicked.' Carlisle and Renesmee fight – Can Carlisle kill the granddaughter he loves? Is Renesmee beyond redemption? ...And then a next series starts – The Vampires Revenge.

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