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Bella, overjoyed that she will be with Edward forever, looks to the sky to see its once again Twilight. She then looks back at her lovey husband Edward only to find his head chopped clean off. She lets out a echoing scream, then turns to find out the one who decapitated her lovely husband was none other then Mike Newton, wielding a mighty battle axe. "Why Bella", he yells with tears in his eyes, "why didn't you love me back, I would have done anything for you, unlike that Edward punk who treated you like a three year old with ADD"! Bella bears her teeth, ready to drain Mike dry, but Mike quickly whips out the bazooka he had straped to his back and points the barrel a inch away from her face. "But none of that matters now, you and Edward can spend eternity, IN HELL! And with that Mike pulls the trigger blowing Bella, himself, and headless Edward into a million pieces, killing them all instantly. -And everyone lived happily ever after, The End-

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