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cont. for #1. Alice sees a lone nomad coming just like she saw James. And just like James, the new vampire interrupts a baseball game. It turns out his name is ,well,lets call him Tim. Because he is alone, the Cullens agree to let him play, to even out the teams. It turns out that he is faster than even Edward, meaning that his team wins. Afterwards they invite him to their house for a little get-to-know-each-other session. He accepts and it is revealed that he was born in New Orleans in1977 and became a vampire in 1995. He was a lowlife thug and hitman when he was human and one of his 'contracts' went wrong and he was dying of his wounds. His creator was a member of the 'Southern Clans' so Tim became a fighter in the Southern Wars. And like Jasper he was an excellent fighter and was also gifted in that he was a tracker. He began to resent his lot and finally, in 2006,left his 'coven' and travelled the world. In his travels he encountered the Denalis and thanks to Eleazer he discovered his gifts. First he too was a shield, the only one of his kind apart from Bella. But unlike Bella he is limited in that he cannot project his shield from himself. Second, he was a gifted tracker. But he had a potential greater than that of even Demetri. Fred, Bree's friend is now with Tanya. Jake continues aimlessly until he finds himself in Italy. He then visits the Volturi, who just months after the disaster with the Cullens over Nessie, are badly shaken. Learning of his formidable gifts, Aro promotes him over Alice in his most wanted list and offers Jake a place in the Guard. Jake agrees on condition that he be allowed to leave whenever he wished. So he became the most vital asset of the Volturi. Due to his extensive training he becomes an excellent fighter and surpasses Demetri and becoming the worlds best tracker. But after about half a dozen he is still wary of killing humans so he takes his leave. As much as Aro loved to keep him his shield and his fearsome gifts meant that there was little Aro could do to stop him. After wandering around he finally neared the Cullens and decided to visit. He is not happy with killing humans and is interested in trying out a 'vegetarian diet'. Carlise offers him to join their coven, and Tim agrees on a trial basis. It is revealed that he is a much better fighter than Jasper, and because Edward can't read his mind he is 'invincible'. He is also the second strongest after Emmett. Due to his solitary and relatively quiet nature, he and Nessie share a bond, because they both spend time outdoors and due Nessie being depressed as well. Over a short time, this friendship turns to affection, and affection turns to love. After the trial month, when Carlisle asks Jake of his conclusion of his stay, Tim accepts and becomes the tenth member of the Cullen family, as well as Renesmee's soul mate. They get married soon after and the Cullens are happy and united. -The END-

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