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The events of Breaking Dawn take place as usual. 7 years later Renesmee is mature. She learns of Bella and Jacobs relationship 'before' and hates Jacob, thinking that he is a pervert and a jerk as well as an unwanted addition to her life and an unwelcome intrusion into her family. To remain inconspicuous, the Cullens leave Forks after a few years. Jacob goes back on his word to not order his pack and force his 'pack' to tag along. Quil refuses because he cant leave Claire. So he leaves Jacob and rejoins the main pack. Jacob is furious at him, but the others are even more angry because he took away thier free will. One by one they all follow Quil and rejoin Sams pack. Renesmee is seventeen and is also completely resistant to Jacobs 'advances'. When he loses his cool (no surprises there) and attempts to forcibly kiss her (just as he did with Bella, that sick MILF) she attacks him. The fight ends when Rensemee manages to kill Jacob, but she is fatally wounded. Meanwhile, Alice is caught off guard when she sees something 'troubling'. When the others enquire she merely mumbles 'Nessie', and Bella rushes of to where Renesmee usually hung out. The others are right behind her. She reaches Renesmee and also finds Jacobs dead carcass not far away. Nessie she is yet alive but she is dying. Bella realises that Carlisle and the others are too far away for her to be saved in time. Having no other choice she bites Nessie, starting her transformation. Edward reaches them just in time to stop Bella from losing conrol and killing Nessie herself. Bella is distraught thinking that she had just sentenced Nessie to the most painful way to die. It is then that Alice reveals her vision. She saw Nessie for the first time, because she became a vampire. Nessie wakes up and is a fully matured vampire, with formidable gifts. She has inherited part of Bella's self control meaning she never hunted humans. Her other gift had also intensified. She no longer needs physical touch to project her thoughts. She is extremely happy and shares her life with her parents without any interfence from Jacob. She is also furious that she wasted her entire childhood (just six or seven years really) being a sort of slave-in-waiting of Jacob. But she also falls into a deperssion because while the other Cullens all have their soul mates and life partners she does not.

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