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Top 10 Reasons Why Some Things In Eclipse Were Jacked Up

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Bella kept going back and forth between Edward and Jacob which wasn't really fair to either of them

Jake forced a kiss on Bella once, then tricked her with a threat on his own life for a second one

Bree Tanner didn't know the rules of the vampire world but she was tortured and killed anyways

Although Riley was on Victoria's side he didn't know that she was lying and only in his last moments of life did he figure out that he was tricked

We're 3/4 of the way to Bella's vampire transformation and only now do we realize the bad consequences of her choice (i.e everyone she loves will die, she'll remain in the body of an 18 year old forever, etc.)

Bella is supposed to be marrying Edward,but kisses Jacob 2000 billion times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob is a great mechanic and all he gets is a VW Rabbit

In the movie, Edward was too mean when he was fighting was jut over the top and OOC

Also in the movie...Both shots of the Space Needle, there was the little Christmas tree they put there every December on it. ECLIPSE IS IN JUNE!!!

The scene where Jacob gets squished by a newborn was even more brutal in the movie than it was in the book - probably because we actually saw it in the movie.

Movie-wise: They messed up the Jacob rejection scene BAD. Jacob and Bella's kiss wasn't nearly as sweet. Jacob wasn't as awesome as he was in the book. They skipped Bella's escape attempts. They didn't show the epilogue. And a bunch of other small details they messed up on. Book-wise: ...I don't know...Seth could have said SOMETHING. A simple "Hey Jake! Hey Bella!" Would've been nice.

Feel free to keep the list going!
Because Riley and Bree DIED!!!!!!!!!

Third Wife killed herself instead of cutting herself like Bella

the fight sence sould of have more vampires fighting

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