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Important events

"These events are atmost important, to the Twilight Saga and should not be changed. "
―An entry on the timeline

1300 BC

Aro, Caius, Marcus turn and form the beginnings of the Volturi coven

500 AD

Volturi vs. Romanians

1000 AD

Kate, Tanya, and Irina are turned by Sasha


Carlisle turns


Jasper is turned by Maria


Edward Cullen was transformed into a vampire


Alice is turned


Esme Cullen was transformed into a vampire


Rosalie Hale was transformed into a vampire


Emmett Cullen was transformed into a vampire


Alice and Jasper find each another


Alice and Jasper join the Cullen clan



  • January
  • Bella goes out with her friends to watch a movie to keep Charlie happy and she discovers that by doing dangerous stunts an apparation of Edward will appear and try and talk her out of it
  • Bella buys two motorcycles to put herself in further danger – She gets the help of Jacob Black to fix up the bikes and for once she sleeps without dreaming or screaming.
  • Bella talks to her friends at school about the local bear sightings and  it has been one year since Bella arrived in Forks .Bella then goes and visits the empty Cullen house hoping that maybe she'll see Edward there and Jacob finishes off Bella’s motorcycle.
  • Jacob finished both bikes  and while driving along they see Sam and his gang cliff diving before Jacob teaches Bella how to ride a motorcycle, she crashes and gets a cut on her head and has to gets seven stitches in the ER and tells her dad she got hurt in the garage.
  • February
    • Jacob finishes his Rabbit and brings it by to show Bella .When it comes to going to the movies everyone but Mike cancels for the movie when they go to the movies, Mike gets sick and Bella notices that Jacob feels very hot  like he has a fever.Jacob takes Bella home and admits that he isn’t feeling very well. Later on Bella calls his house and Billy tells her Jake is sick and she should stay away.
    • Bella keeps calling Jacob only to be told he can’t come to the phone.
    • Harry Clearwater tells Charlie he has been having heart trouble and he also tells him that Jake has mono (a type of fever that can last up to a month that you catch by kissing someone) and that Bella needs to stay away this causes her to grow suspicious but she decides to give it one more week.
  • March
    • Billy tells Bella that Jacob is feeling better and that he is out with his friends and feeling bored Bella goes looking for the meadow on her own where she sees Laurent,  who explains that Victoria sent him to find Bella and that he intends to kill her but before he can Five huge wolves appear and chase Laurent away and kill him
    • Bella figures out that Jake must be in Sam’s gang and talks to Charlie about it. The she gives Quil a ride home and he confirms that Jake is now with Sam’s gang. She then goes  to see Jake and he says he can’t hang out with her anymore causing Charlie to confront Billy about the situation this causes Jacob to come into Bella's room at night and apologizes but says he still can’t tell Bella the truth and he reminds her of the legends of the quilete tribe he once told her and tells her to think about them.
    • Bella has a nightmare and wakes up coming to the realisation that Jacob is a werewolf.Charlie tells Bella that the wolves have attacked someone and that they are going to shoot the wolves cause of this Bella grows worried and goes to warn Jacob who explains that they killed Laurent but there is still another vampire around causing bella to tell him about Victoria. Bella causes Paul to get pissed and turn.Jjacob runs to protect her and both he and Paul transform and start to fight, meanwhile bella is invited inside to the meet emily.
    •  Bella jumps off a cliff alone and Jacob rescues her but  Harry Clearwater dies from a heart attack while out with charlie secretly following victoria without charlies knowledge.Meanwhile Jake and Bella almost kiss but Alice returns before they can.
    • Charlie goes to Harry’s funeral and Jacob calls asking where Charlie is jacob replys planning a funneral and Edward whom had been told of a vision alice saw of her dying causing him to believe she died and he goes to expose himself to the humans hoping the volturi will kill him.
    •  Alice and Bella make their plans while on the plane to Italy and race off in a porsche alice stole to stop edward.
    • Bella manages to stop Edward from stepping into the sun and the Volturi meet with Edward, Alice,  and Bella. the Volturi agree to let them go so long as they promise to make Bella a vampire soon.
    • Edward explains why he left Bella and that he will never leave her again this causes bella to get the cullens to vote on whether or not she should be turned.Edward agrees to change Bella himself if she will marry him. 


    • Edward and Bella leave for Florida
    • The wolves and the Cullens chase Victoria and get into a fight over crossing the boundary line.
    • Jacob confronts Edward in front of school and Edward tells Bella that Victoria had been in Forks.
    •  Edward goes hunting and Bella runs off to LaPush to visit Jacob who tells Bella in detail what happened over the weekend with Victoria. Bella learns about imprinting and that the wolves don’t age while they phase. She then avoids Edward and goes to Angela’s house to help her with graduation announcements.
    • Bella is kidnapped by Alice after work.  Bella sees that Edward has purchased a bed and  Rosalie tells Bella her story of how she became a vampire.
  • June
    • Bella escapes from school with Jake and she revelas to him that she will be a vampire very soon and causing him to get angry.  Edward returns home and they come to an agreement.  Bella sleeps in his arms that night.
    •  Bella can’t find certain personal items and Edward realizes that another vampire has been in Bella’s house.  The Cullens debate who it was.
    • Bella calls Jacob and he and Edward agree to let Jacob come over to investigate. Jacob learns that Bella will be changed at graduation and  Edward explains more about what’s going on in Seattle.  He agrees to let Bella go to LaPush while he is hunting so  the wolves can protect her .  Edward  drives Bella to the boundary line where they meet Jacob and  Bella attends the bonfire and learns all about the werewolf legends and the third wife.
    • Alice gives Bella something to wear for graduation.  Bella figures out that everything is connected and that Victoria is behind it all.  Bella graduates and tells Edward what she discovered. The Cullens make plans during the party.  Jake and the wolves show up and make an alliance with the Cullens.  Jake gives Bella a wolf charm bracelet.  The wolves meet with the Cullens in the woods for their first batch of training.Jasper tells bella his story.  Edward and Jacob work together to plan a way to hide Bella’s scent during the fight. 
    • Bella spends the night alone with Edward at his home.  He gives her a “crystal” charm for her bracelet.  He agrees to make love to her while she is human if she agrees to marry him first.  They are then officially engaged and He shows her the engagement ring.
    • Bella leaves her scent all over the forest to trick victoria and Edward. Jacob carries Bella to the camp siteand he sleeps next to her to keep her warm.  Edward and Jacob have an honest conversation while she sleeps
    • Jacob learns that Edward and Bella are engaged and runs off.  Edward brings him back.  Bella begs Jacob not to fight.  She asks Jacob to kiss her.  Feeling badly for it, Bella urges Edward for some intimacy and he insists on waiting.  The newborns attack the Cullens in the clearing.  Victoria and Riley attack Edward, Seth, and Bella at the camp site.  Edward rips off Riley’s arm and Seth finishes him off.  Edward rips off Victoria’s head then Victoria and Riley’s remains are burned.  Jacob is wounded and both Seth and Edward “feel” it though the werewolf bond.  The Volturi arrive to clean up. They murder the newborns that are left behind including bree tanner. Bella goes to check on Jake and has to say goodbye to him for good. Edward finds Bella crying in her truck and takes her home.  Bella spends the night crying in his arms.
    • Jacob receives an invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding along with a note from Edward.  Grief stricken, Jacob phases and runs off. 

  • August
    •  Edward and Bella get married. Jacob attends the reception and nearly starts a fight but leaves before anyhting can happen. Edward and Bella then leave for Isle Esme.
    •  Edward and Bella make love for the first time.
    •  Bella has strange dreams and her appetite changes.
    •  Bella gets kicked and her belly moves strangely and she figures out that she is pregnant, they get this confirmed by a local and they return to Forks.
  • September
    • Jacob learns that Bella has returned and is very sick. He assumes she has been changed into a vampire.  He visits the Cullen home to find that Bella is pregnant and Edward asks Jacob to kill him should Bella die in child birth. Jacob explains to his pack what has happened and Sam orders Bella and the child to be killed.  Opposing this decision, Jacob takes his place as an Alpha wolf. Seth follows him.
    • Leah then joins Jacob’s new pack and Bella drinks blood to sustain her pregnancy as the baby will not eat human food.
    • Bella’s pregnancy worsens with another broken rib.  Carlisle determines that Bella will go into labor in four days and that the baby could very well kill her
    • Jacob and Leah talk about the reasons for imprinting and how they wished they could just imprint on someone to forget the pain.  Edward hears the thoughts of the baby for the first time and Edward asks Jake for permission to break the treaty by trying to save Bella by turning her into a vampire.  Jake agrees and Bella goes into labor.  Renesmee is born and Edward in an act to save bella he changes her into a vampire and Jake planning on killing renesmee stops as when he sees her in rosalies arm he immediately imprints on her.The wolves arrive to kill Renesmee but upon finding out jake imprinted on her, by ancient laws they aren't allowed to hurt her and so they leave
    • on Bella’s 19th birthday She awakens as a newborn vampire.  Edward and Bella go hunting and succesfully stops herself from killing a human she returns and finds out that Jacob has imprinted on “Nessie.”  and starts to yell and fight him stopping when by accident she hurts seth.Alice and Edward then show Bella the cottage on the Cullen property where Bella and Edward will live.
    • Jacob phases in front of Charlie and then shows Renesmee to him for the first time and realizes she is Bella and Edward’s child.  They all agree on the story that Renesmee is Edward’s and bella's adoptive daughter and edward's niece.

  • December
    • Renesmee’s 3 month birthday.
    •  Irina sees Renesmee with Bella and Jacob and assumes Renesmee is an immortal child. 
    • Alice has a vision that Irina has gone to the Volturi to report Renesmee’s existence and that the Volturi, including the guard and the wives, are coming after the Cullens.  They decide to gather friends to stand as witnesses to Renesmee’s uniqueness. 
    •  The Cullens discover that Alice and Jasper have left them.  Bella finds clues from Alice to seek out a J Jenks.   All the Cullens except for Edward and Bella, head out to round up the witnesses. 
    • Tanya, Kate, Eleazer, and Carmen are visited by the Cullens and after being briefly shocked and frightened by Renesmee, they are taken with her. Eleazer realizes that Bella is a shield.  The Denali Coven agree to be witnesses and fight if necessary.  Peter and Charlotte also arrive.  They were sent by Alice and Jasper.  They, too, agree to witness.
    •  The Irish and the Egyptian covens(who were brought back by esme and carlisle) arrive followed by as many nomads as Emmett and Rose could find.  The Amazon and Romanian covens arrive unexpectedly, but are welcomed.  Many people agree to be witnesses but not necessarily to fight.  Bella works on projecting her shield in order to protect others with the help from kate and edward.
    • Renesmee and Jacob spend time with Charlie while Bella goes to visit J Jenks. She learns he is a forger and she asks him to make documents for Jacob and Renesme in case they have to run. 
    • Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Renesme spend Christmas at Charlie’s with the entire pack and Sue Clearwater. 
    • Bella gets the forged documents from J. Jenks and plants them in a bag which she gives to renesmee
    • The Volturi arrive mid morning with the entire guard, the wives, and 40 witnesses of their own.  Aro at first believes that Nessie is an immortal child but sees through Edward that she isn’t.  Nessie is brought forward and Aro is shocked to find out the truth.  Caius brings Irina forward to testify again and then promptly kills her.  Before the real battle begins, Nahuel the other half immortal half human arrives with Alice and Jasper to speak with the Volturi and alice shows aro a finish of what would happen if they fought them.

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