The following are noted differences between the guidebook and the segments.

Please Note: Changes are not in any particular order.


Book Movie
Jane and Alec's mother did not appear. Their father is Saxon. Jane and Alec's mother did appear. Their father is not present.
There was no mention of what drove the villagers to condemn the twins other than accusing them of witchcraft, or what happened to the twins' parents. The disappearances of three local boys drove the villagers over the edge, and the twins' mother was murdered during their execution.
Jane and Alec were near death when Aro saved them. Jane and Alec were still burning when Aro arrived.


Book Movie
It was never revealed when, where, or how Carlisle Cullen and Garrett met. In Breaking Dawn - Part 2, they are mentioned to meeting on the battlefield in Yorktown.
There was no mention of Garrett ever having a sibling. He has a sister named Lottie.
Vampires sparkle in direct sunlight. Garrett's skin did not sparkle while he was carrying Lottie to the tent.


Book Movie
Benjamin is a human-feeding vampire and has red eyes. Benjamin's eyes are mostly yellow in the film, only occasionally red, despite feeding on humans.
Tia has lived with her uncle for 2 years before Benjamin arrived. Benjamin is already living with their uncle.
It was Tia who told Benjamin to show their uncle his power. Their uncle spotted Benjamin showing Tia his power through a window.
Tia's uncle never talked about selling her off. Tia worried about being sold off by her uncle.
Tia was at a window inside her house when Benjamin drew her attention. She was standing at the front door.
When the sun came up, Tia wanted to hide Benjamin, fearing the sun would kill him. This did not happen.

The Mary Alice Brandon FileEdit

Book Movie
Vampires sparkle under direct sunlight. The Groundskeeper at the beginning of the segment is working in broad daylight.
Alice Cullen's parents were not named in the novels. Alice's parents are named Edgar John Brandon and Lillian Brandon. Her stepmother is named Anna-Marie Brandon.
Alice has a vision of her mother's killer coming after her and runs to her relatives' home before they turned her away, and then she went to find the town marshal. She went immediately to the town marshal after having the vision at her father's wedding.
Alice's hair was shaved off when she was committed to the asylum. Alice's hair was simply cut short.
Alice has a vision of her father sending her mother's killer after her the night after she told her father about her suspicions. Alice talks to Edgar at the wedding reception, and immediately receives the vision.
It was never mentioned when Alice was placed in the asylum in the novels. Dr. Brown's progress report stated that she was admitted on March 15, 1920.

The GroundskeeperEdit

Book Movie
Alice Cullen's creator kept James at bay until he was overpowered. Victoria tortured him to extract information in case there were other vampires. James and Victoria fought him until he lost his stamina and fell. Victoria did not brutally interrogate him.
Alice's creator's identity was never revealed. In the segment, he was named Kumboh and had a subtle gift of hypnotic vision.
Vampires never tire in the Twilight Saga universe. Kumboh seemingly gets tired after fighting James and Victoria till sunrise.
Alice's creator was killed after James found Alice fully transformed. James killed him out of rage for losing his prey. Kumboh was killed before James and Victoria found her. Victoria killed him out of annoyance.

We've Met BeforeEdit

Book Movie
Alice Cullen walks up to Jasper Hale immediately when he walks in and holds out her hand for him to take. She waits until he is seated at a counter and Jasper is the one to hold out his hand.
Jasper feels hope the moment he senses Alice's romantic feelings. He feels it after she kissed him.


Book Movie
There was no mention of how much Esme Cullen's past lingered after she became a vampire. The segment showed the amount of trauma that still haunted her.
Charles Evenson never knew Esme was pregnant. In Esme's mind, she was heavily pregnant while being mistreated by Charles.