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Ten ways to piss pff Twilighters

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Buy one of those Edward Barbie dolls they have now and draw a mustache on it. Laugh maniacally.

Talk about how you think the Black Volvo in New Moon is so much better than the silver one. For some reason, this really gets fangirls mad.

Call Edward and/or Jacob super ugly

Go to a public showing of Twilight. Make loud booing noises whenever Edward and Bella kiss, and cheer in anything with Jacob in it.

Exclaim at random moments that you think the forbidden fruit tastes disgusting.

Burn the Twilight book... BURN IT!

Spread a Rumor that Robert Pattinson has died

When they fantasize about running off with Edward, ruin their delusions. Make sure to bring up Renesme and the fact that Edward's actually married now. When they claim that Breaking Dawn didn't really count as part of the series, prove them wrong with Google. Tell them they cannot doubt the power of Google.

Tell everyone that Jacob and Bella are so much cuter than Bella and Edward

When ever they talk about Edward Cullen, ask them if they mean Cedric Diggory

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Begin a long debate on how the development of Edward, Bella, and Renesmee was an epic fail.

Spread a rumor that Taylor Lautners ab muscles are fake

get a picture of rob/taylor and snog it

say that werewolves and vampires are FAKE!!! Grrr....

Do all of these things to piss them off, and when one is about to karate chop you in the face, smirk and say, "You mad?"

Say that Harry Potter or The Hunger Games is better than Twilight.

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