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Ten reasons to be Team Jacob

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Bella and Jacob
He would fight for you until your heart stops beating and till he has no more people to protect you from.

He has a sensual, animal mode of kissing... Bella can prove it...

Those eyes... the way he is watching you: with so much love...that you could drown in them

He puts your life and safety in the top place!

He gives you independence. but at the same time is protective...

He is 2-in-1 : the cute guy you love and kiss and love some more; and the sweet wolf protecting you. This is the perfect combination!!!

He is more beautiful than Edward because he is ALIVE and HOT and SEXY!!! and has a fabulous six pack.

That smile, those eyes, that perfectly sculpted bronze body drives me crazy! He is perfect!

In order to be with him you don't have to say : " goodbye mom, dad, life, home, age..." you can live a very normal, happy life!

He would be a lover or a brother or proctecter

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He will never leave you alone when you need him! He will do everything he can to help you!

He is more than a simple boyfriend: he is your protector and angel!

He has a beating heart, knows how to love and smile(properly) Edward onlyliked Bella in the first place because her scent was "irresistable." Oh, And JAKE IS SEXY

He protected Bella even when she choose Edward.

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