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Ten reasons that the Volturi should get their own book

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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
They did say that the battle wasn't over, didn't they? I mean, the Volturi will never forgive the Cullens for being wrong. I also feel like Jane needs more of a backstory. Like maybe somebody should write a 'life of Jane" style biography, about who she was as a human, how she got turned, what happened later, etc.

Jane and Alec are Awesome!

It Would Make An Interesting Story.

It Would Clear Up A Lot Questions People Have About The Volturi.

If The Book Did Well, It Could Be Made Into A Great Film/TV Series.

The Volturi Are Key Characters. They Are a Main Part Of The Three Books And They Need More Credit.

As They Are "The Police" Of The Vampire World They Should At Least Have A Mention On What THEIR Lives Are Like.

It'd Be Awesome To Hear Their Take On Historical Events.

They've Been Around For Ages, Longer Than Any Of The Cullens/Quileutes.

People Know Hardly Anything About Some Of The Volturi. It'd Be Nice To Find Out More About Some Of The Less Discussed Characters.

It'd Be Great To Find Out How Felix Really Feels About Bella.

Feel free to keep the list going!
It'd Be Good To Hear About Marcus Falling In Love With Aro's Sister!

Readers Would Know More About Alec, Jane, Felix, And Demetri, And Why They Come To Kill The Ones Who Have Done Wrong.

It Would Be Cool To Get Inside Aro's Head And Hear His Point Of View.

It'd be nice to know the powers of the other Volturi members.

It would help the actors understand the charachters they're playing so they can do an angle on personality so the audiance aren't so confused about the characters persona (like the actress who plays Bree got to read the book early in order to "Understand" her better)

Marcus will finally speak. He can't make it through silence during the whole book, eh?

Just LOVE Alec!!!! :)

Aro sounds a little like alice when she gets what she wants

All we know about Corin, Afton and Santiago are their names, that Afton is Chelsea's mate and that he and Corin have powers...and don't even get me started on the wives!

We don't know who came before the Volturi and the how vampires came to exist! This could be mentioned in there...

We wanna know who's the oldest of the three leaders!

We wanna know how the Volturi came to be

We wanna know more about Jane and Alec's human lives

The Cast of The Volturi would get more screentime.

Cameron Bright and Dakota Fanning are the greatest actors in THE WORLD!!! They NEED to have more screen time. Maybe in "The Twilight Saga Origins: Alec and Jane".

I'd like to see how Aro even thought up the idea of a Volturi and how he recruited everyone

Stephenie wrote a book from Bree's point of view, which shows she is capable of switching viewpoints and still making it a great story.

Alec is interesting and the best looking guy in the Volturi (Demetri in second) and he deseves his own book.

if stephenie meyer wrote the book\books you could do a chapter from each characters point of view

it would be nice to know how many of the volturi guard there really are

Because the Volturi are cool. End of Discussion!

It would be interesting to read

We could find out how Athenodroa is MARRIED to someone as cold hearted and malicious as Caius

It would be more dramatic than Jersey Shore!!!!!

We need to know how many people Felix flirts with.I mean Gianna then Bella he could do so much better like JANE for cryin out loud! Plus Demetri is way to hot to not have his own chunk of a book!

It would be interresting to know the storys of Felix and Demetri. How and who change them, how did they hear from the Volturi and why did they join in. It would also be nice to know more about Jane's and Alec's human life.


It will be anotner Twilight book!!!!!!!!!

I would be more willing to pay for it than Midnight Sun, and everyone already read that anyway.


We could see if the Volturi truly love their wives, and if so I think the romance scenes would be cute

I want to see why Jane is so sadistic, because I think that while sadistic, she is not truly evil.

See how Aro became so obsessed with power.

And Caius so evil.

There has to be a reason that Sulpica and Athenodora let their husbands do what they do, and damn it, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

Learn about what happened between New Moon and Eclipse. Something had to have happened!

Because you get to know the characters more.

Marcus finding out the truth about Didyme

the volturi are cool and it would be cool to see why they are the way they are. plus felix only flirts with 2 people and demetri sucks

Epic! They are more dysfunctional than Jon and Kate plus 8 (even though they got divorced)

Because I just need some new Twilight reading material!

What is Aro's cover story for Didyme's "death"?

Because there are many Twi-hards who totally love the Volturi, and wanna know more about them. It annoys me and my friends we haven't seen the house of Volturi properly, and we want to! I want to know more about Jane and Alec, who is with me?

We need to know the dynamics of Aro and Sulpicia's marriage. Was is built on love...or forged on convenience.

Because there's a lot of mystery over them and I wanna know how can Athenodora love Caius!!!!He's such a weird guy!!!

Cuz there are questions. Who does Felix and Demetri like? Are there secret marriages? Is Alec a good brother?

Does Jane have a crush on Aro?Without another book, we'll never know!

I want to find out what Heidi's damn power is -__-

Also we can find out the circiumstances about Caius and his hate againt the Children of the Moon.

It would be nice to learn more about how the coven began, how they rose to power after defeating the Romanians, what Marcus and Didyme's relationship is like, how Aro came across Jane and Alec, how Eleazar managed to meet Carmen and leave the Volturi, etc.

It would be a great experiance for readers who like the Twilight Saga

I want to know how Didyme was killed by Aro.

It would be funny to read exactly what Jane thinks of Alice and Bella.

I want to know what Aro's plans are for the Quileutes.

It would be interesting to read about Aro's methods of manipulation.

Because the Volturi are the best characters in the whole saga!!!

Because it would be fun to know if there is any secret relationships between the guards.

I want to know more about Jane and Alec altogether, their thoughts when they were kids and what they went through as they were burning and as they were turned into vamps and even what they were thinking after, like what are Jane's exact thoughts on Bella and what are Alec's about his sister and Aro and most importantly, what they both think and feel about being in the Volturi. Do they have feelings besides for each other? Do they want to be a Volturi or are they just there because Aro is their creator and because they love what they do? There are so many unquestioned answers about these two amazing and awesome characters that I want to see.

We don't know much about the Volturi's history or daily life. I think it would be interesting to know why they are what they are, how they were created, etc

it would be awesome to hear how they defeated the romanians and the death didyme and how they found Alec and Jane how chelsea convinced aro to recruit afton who was the other tracker besides demetri and lastly other threats the volturi had

It would be interesting to see Aro's and Carlisle's friendship and how they even came to be friends.

We know all the character's storys but we have to know more about the Volturi!!

We have a page that has a lot of reasons for that haha

Marcus and Didyme's story should be told. He is the most intriguing character I would love to know more about him and maybe see him say more than twenty words!!

i think it would be interesting to learn more about jane and alec. also i think it would be interesting to learn about all of the members of the volturi's past. also wouldnt it be cool if they discovered a new species. the new species would stay 13 forever and would have powers beond belief. what would happen if the volturi wanted them to join.

BECAUSE I NEED A NEW TWILIGHT BOOK TO READ!!!!! I AM HAPPILY READING OTHER BOOKS AND PATIENTLY WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus the volturi are interesting and I think their story should be told.

Because I really need a new Twilight book having read them all at least 5 times and i would like to find out about Jane and Alec's backstory.

I want to know more about Jane

To know more about them personal, (maybe before the twilight books or after breaking down)

I wish to know the history of The Guard. For instance: who created Felix, how, where and when was he created? What they think, what were they thinking during Renesmee's trial, with the Cullens, their allies/witnesses, Garrett's speech, etc ... How did they cleanse the South and Mexico. From which place, and at which time each member was recruieted. The hiearchy. What the different shades of grey and dark mean. It could be decent replacement for True Blood, HBO could make a series. And when will the Volturi finally recover from the blow, and attack the Cullens and their allies. Did they force the other witnesses to come? Was there really a Toshiro? If so, were others like him in their way to destroy the Cullens? Also, Aro touched Edward and Alice in New Moon, he was well aware of the existence of the shape-shifters, did he antecipate he might have come across them? Did he intend to destroy them after he destroyed the Cullens and collect Edward and Alice? Does Aro want Jasper, like he wants Edward and Alice, and maybe even Bella (although he clearly fears her)? How did they destroy the other covens, such as the romanians, and the egypticians?

We need to see if the wishful thinking power of Shioban will work. Will the Volturi come back when Nessie turns 7, full grown. Will there be a battle? Will they be defeated? If so, will only the Ancients, the "Brothers" be destroyed, and how many members of the Guard will survive? Finally. Somebody has to impose the Law, will the Cullens replace the Volturi?! It would be awesome to see Felix and Demetri with golden eyes.

Because "everything that has beginning has end, Neo" lol - I personally, like I said above, would LOVE to see Aro, Caius and Marcus, and the wives, destroyed. And would like to see Carlisle, Tanya, Zafrina, and the other coven leaders to form a kind of a government to impose the Law. It would be interesting to see Carlisle trying not to kill vampires who might expose the secrecy and yet having to deliver the punishment altogether. Without the Volturi, the vampire world would sink into chaos and the most powerful and aggregating coven/family would be demanded by the nomads to impose the Law, meddle in wars like in the South to keep things off the human radar. Or it could form a sort of Vampire Authority, a democratic republic power of sorts and who knows? ... Maybe even a Great Revelation. Maybe vamps would be force to live on donated blood, or purchased blood. Since in the Twilight universe, one bite turns you. And vamps do not bleed a "V" with healing properties

Because, while in the books the Elders are described as being so pale and fragile that seems they were frozen, in the movie we "see" Aro clearly fighting. Which begs the question: before forming his "family" Aro must have been a formidable fighter, and so have his "brothers" which, in turn, begs another question: how did they build their army over the centuries?

We already know Aro has a predisposition to recruit gifted vampires, it is so, that his main weapons are Jane and Alec. With all due respect these two deserve, they wouldn't stand in hand-to-hand fight with, say, Alice and Jasper, or Rosalie and Emmet, or even Carlisle and Esme. So, putting aside the gifted members, how does Aro recruit and train the other members? We know he recruieted Demetri from Amun. But how did he recruit Felix and Santiago for example? Are there vampires like Jasper, Emmet, or Jason that volunteer? Or does Aro select humans with potential, like Gianna, and turns them, have them trained, and they remain like obedient "sons"?

Demetri is Greek

Because I want to read more about the three volturi brothers. Especally about Caius (yes, he might be weird and evil, but I like him anyway and I know a lot of people who like him to). I don't think he was that evil all the time and I'd like to find out why he is the way he is. And I'd like to read more about the relationship of Aro, Marcus and Caius, because I think they like each other more than they show. AND, DAMN IT, WE NEED A NEW TWILIGHT BOOK!!!!!!!!

Gotta be honest, I just really love Caius.

The Volturi are barely seen in their daily life in the entire series. They need to be seen more cause maybe some people are Team Volturi instead of Team Cullen or Team Wolf Pack. People need to know more of their stories.

The Volturi are never seen in their daily life and what they go through. It would be a very successful TV series if the original Volturi cast was participating and then some for the characters that were mentioned in the books but not the movie. It would keep the franchise alive.

A lot of people love the Volturi. Honestly they're amazing

I lowkey want Jane to have a female mate ;)

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