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There are no birthdays today
Other Birthdays this Month
Alex Meraz (Jan. 10) – Daniel Cudmore (Jan. 20) – Boo Boo Stewart (Jan. 21) – Julia Jones (Jan. 23) – Charlie Bewley (Jan. 25) – Cameron Bright (Jan. 26)
August 31
Rami Malek will play Benjamin in Breaking Dawn Part II
August 20
The Eclipse film surpasses the New Moon film in domestic gross.
June 30, 2010
The Eclipse film is released.
June 5, 2010
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is released.
May 5, 2010
The Breaking Dawn film's release date is revealed to be November 18, 2011.
April 23, 2010
A new Eclipse trailer is released! See it here.
March 30, 2010
Stephenie Meyer reveals details about an upcoming novella about Bree Tanner.
March 20, 2010
The New Moon DVD is released!

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