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Worried Wolf Edit

I'm a werewolf, which is great! except i've imprinted on someone who is scared of dogs. what do i do?


Worried Wolf

Maybe don't tell your imprintee at first. Let her get to know you as a human and then when she feels comfortable around you let her know what you are. But don't base your relationship on a lie, tell her soon after. If she is still afraid of dogs, don't phase around her. she will still love you as a human. (plus technically your not a dog your just in the dog family, she could love wolves and hate chihuahuas, you never know)


Sunshine Sally Edit

Lady Bella I have a really big issue. My family is moving to California, which would be great..except one little thing. They don't know I'm a vampire, and California is almost always sunny...what should I do? I don't want them to know, I wear contacts and everything..but how can I hide from all that sunshine?

Please help,

Sunshine Sally

Obsessed!! Edit

Dear Bella,

I think i have an unhealthy obesession with the twilight saga. I am constantly reading the books even though I have read them all already. If im not reading the books then im watching one of the movies and whenever I get near a computer, im on sites related to the saga such as this one. It actually makes me sad, pathetic but true, when i remember that Meyer doesnt plan to write another book for publishing an it infuriates me when some one makes a negative comment about anything even remotely related to Twilight. It's like I take it personally, but I cant help it. And to top it all off, I find myself day-dreaming constantly about vampires and how i'd kill to be one myself (only like the ones in Twilight though, not those creepy horror films!). Help Me!!!!


LunaBella, I love you and everything but I have a bone to pick with you. The advice you gave "worried wolf" is suspect. he/she needs to be true to himself no matter what, if she stops liking him then she doesnt really love him, if she still loves him THEN they're meant to be... Kmanwing_sig.png (talk) 20:19, March 18, 2010 (UTC)


Dear Lady Bella, I think I am a vampire--I only want to eat raw, bloody meat, my skin is cold, I hate the sun, and I can change people's emotions when they are near me. My parents are very religious, and they think I'm going crazy--they want to put me in counseling! I don't know how to tell them that I'm a vampire. What should I do?


Waiting for an Eclipse Edit

Dear Lady Bella, I don't know what to do while I wait for Eclipse to come you have any suggestions for how to pass the time?

-sadly waiting

Failure Edit

Dear Lady Bella

I'm worrried. I'm the second youngest in my family in my group of vampires, save for the super-controlled newborn, but I still have trouble controlling my thirst. I feel like a failure... What should I do?


Zooming. Edit

Hello Lady Bella.

I'm a girl from Holland.

My best friend lives in Oklahoma, so really across the world.

And, I really want to chat with her.

So, I thought... Maybe you could zoom her with your supermental powers so she will come on the site???

Yours truly.

A sister.

A tale of two teams Edit

I'm team Edward, and my best friend is team Jacob. Sometimes we get in fights about who is right, is there a way to exist together without fighting about this issue, or do we have to stop being friends...can you both answer and let me know what you would do if you had a friend who was the opposite team as you?

-Team Edward

Paris Edit

Dear Lady Bella, when you live in Paris and are allways flying around the world, how do you be able to stay in better contact with your American friends?

~The Deadly Rosa~

Wolfy Problem Edit

Hi, I'm a werewolf. I've just found out, and I'm freaking out. Worse, I've just imprinted on my brother's best friend, and I'm worried he'll hate me. HELP!!!!!!

Help Me Edit

I just found out my mother is a vampire. She really didn't give birth to me, is 145 years old and adopted me from an abusive family when I was four. I love her, but sometimes she is depressed. I know she wants to turn me into a vampire (I'm sixteen for crying out loud!) How do I tell her not yet, without making her more depressed?

Trouble on the horizon Edit

Dear Lady Bella.

I just found out my cousin's best friend is a werewolf and that he imprinted on me. I also know that even though she loves her vampire boyfriend, there is a small part that loves her best friend. What do I do about this, cause I think I am in love with him too. What is imprinting anyway?

Cousin of a vampire girl.

Werewolf Dad Edit

I've just found out my Dad's a werewolf. It skipped my generation due to lack of vampires. But now he's imprinted on my Aunt, my mother's sister, and only me and my brother know. He doesn't want me to tell Mom. What do I do?


Dear Lady Bella,

I think you might know what I'm going through. I'm dating a vampire and my best friend is a guy werewolf. They both love me, and I'm in love with both of them. Now I have to choose. Can you help me?

Vampire ProblemEdit

Dear Lady Bella

My brother has been turned into a vampire by a few vampire gang members. I don't want him to join, but he wants to. He says he's joining a coven, but I think of them as mean pigs who turned my brother into one of them. How do I stop him from joining the so-called "coven"? *cough gang cough*

Whining Werewolves Edit

I just found out my boyfriend is a werewolf and he imprinted on me. There is one problem though- his freinds/pack HATES me. He told me they can't harm me because of a so-called "rule". I have caught them arguing and I really don't know what to do. What do I do?

Why Werewolves? Edit

Dear Lady Bella

I am vampire that lives in a very small town on the Virgin Islands and a pack of Werewolves just came from America. They are trying to claim my coven's territory. The thing is I have a crush on one of the wolves that doesn't want to claim our territory. My coven is fighting exept 4 me and his pack is fighting exept him. What is my coven and his pack find out that we like each other?!

''Dear Lady Bella,''Edit

''Your advice column is really brilliant.So here's the problem:''

''I'm a vampire nomad named Jamie and I live in England with my mate Hope.I'm sure we've talked before.We've been living here for approximately 400 years and Hope is apparently bored of the UK.She wants us to move somewhere at Asia but I really love my life here.I've adjusted really well and I don't want to go.''

''What should I do?????????????''

so sad Edit

Hi i am a newborn vampire and all the others i see kill people or turn them into a vampire and i dont like that what should i do?

how Edit

how do u get that thing on ur page that tells u about what kind of vampire or wolf

Desperate for help. Edit

Ok, so I'm a vampire engaged to my gorgeous werewolf boyfriend(now fiancee) who imprinted on me, and everything was going great until my ex-husband, a 300-sum year old (mega-powerful) teenage vampire, showed up and asked for me to come back with him to Italy! I told him about my Fiancee, and his face practically turned blue! How can I tell my ex to bugger off without him going all 'evil,evil,RAWR,RAWR!!' on my family? Even worse I think I might want to go with him. DX PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Emily Bronte Benett Summers Volturi Denali Cullen (maybe) Clearwater

(AKA: Desperate for Help) thanks Bells!

Stuck Edit

Ok so im TOTALLY in love with a vampire. the only problem is, so are u. Im in love with edward cullen and i want to marry him except u already did. what should i do ?Plus im a vampire and im totally honest about to my friends - except that they think im crazy and want to send me to an asylum (oooh maybe like alice?) pleez help me.

- ♥, Stuck

vampire lover Edit

lady bella i needd help i love my vampire boyyfriend we are great together but when we are around his vampire brother i don't know i like him and in the past he shown he likes me too and even asked me out but i said no. it just something makes me want him please help.

Vampire vs. Vampyre confusion ?? Edit

Dear Lady Bella

This might seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering what the difference between a vampire and a vampyre is. please help!



choose who? Edit

Hia lady bella! :P i just wanted to know, personally who do YOU prefer? Jacob or Edward?

From Thehigurashifreak :)Thehigurashifreak 12:46, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

Love Trouble Edit

Dear Lady Bella

When I was on a vacation in Italy Aro found me and said I will have a powerful gift when I become a vampire, so I joined the Volturi. The problem is that I found out that Alec is my soul mate and his sister Jane hates me. She's always giving me death glared and making me feel bad about being with Alec. I've tried everything to be nice to her but nothing works. I hate seeing Alec upset that she doesn't like me. What should I do?

Love Trouble

HELP!!! Edit

MY bestiest best friend in the world said he had a feeling he would die but he's half way across the USA and i'm scared because he hasn't responded yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it'd be nice if Kmanwing could answer, please?


Troubled Vampire Edit

I need help im not good at this whole vampire thing and my friend wont talk to me i think he knows which is bad i also think he maybe a wolf which also bad plus im alone i need a coven and cant find one LaNessa 03:49, April 10, 2010 (UTC)


smelling haserd Edit

dear lady bella,

im a newborn vampire and i hav started a new school and i like this boy well his blood smells so good that im afrade that if i even go near him i may hert him.

And the theres another problem, my friends(the ones that turned me into a vampire 8 days ago) and i liv in new york and with my powerful smelling power i cant stand the smells, i barley ever leave my room,can you please help?

Confessions.... Edit

Lady Bella,

My true love is a mortal and I am not.

I've been inmortal for over 400 years,

and I've finally found someone I can't live a day with out.

What to I do? My sister Estnia can't see past Kyle.

So I'm terrified. Please, HELP!!!!!!!!!


Question from a Kea'LirEdit

So you asked me why i believe vampires and humans cannot coexist peacefully. Well so i ask you this, what would you and your brethren do to try to fix relations if something like the Nal'hirdroan Jihad occurred? Would you fight, hide, or try to negotiate.

Ahh! Blood! Edit

Dear Bella

I am a obviously I have to drink blood of some sort.

Theres just one problem, I faint at the sight of blood.

It's terrible!

please help!!!


Fake Imprint Edit

Dear Lady Bella

Im a vampire and after a few bad experiences with werewolves I don't trust them much. This mistrust has only been deppened since I live in a town with werewolves. I stay out of thier way and don't fight them so no major situations. Apart from one. My best friend is human and (along with me) hates one paticular werewolf. This werewolf,however, has a huge crush on my friend and has told her that he has imprinted on her. I can tell he is lying but my friend belives him and feels compelled to be with him. what should I do?

pining for a mortal Edit

dear lady bella,

There's this guy at my school, and we are both mortals. The only problem is that I like him, but he doesn't like me back. Should I keep trying, or should I go find a shapeshifter?

am I crazy? Edit

dear lady bella,

I'm in love with a mortal, but I'm a mortal and my boyfriend is a shapeshifter. The problem is that the mortal is in love with a vampire, who likes my boyfriend, who doesn't know I love a mortal. Should I tell my boyfriend so I can be with the mortal, or should I ask my boyfriend to turn me? team jacob for life!!! 17:47, April 22, 2010 (UTC)


Hi Lady Bella! I am a human (unfortunately) and I want to be a vampire. How do I do that? Where do I find one with enough control? I told my bff about this and she thinks I've lost it. Have I?

Jessythetwifreak 19:26, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

No, you're not insane and you're not alone either. Im not sure where you could find one though, because believe me...if I knew one, i'd be jumping through tree tops right this minute.


i think he likes me. Edit

dear lady bella

So there's this guy, and he's a mortal who doesn't know I'm a shapeshifter. I like him a lot, but he likes this vampire girl who is really nice and all. But I told him I like him, and i think he might like me. What should I do next? should i wait for the vampire to leave, or should I just be bold and ask him out? please help, i need major advice on this one. Thank you! damonfan22 16:48, April 26, 2010 (UTC)


im a vampire named Trevell but my best friend Zohaib wants to be a werewolf but i hate werewolves wat should i tell him?

You shouldn't tell HIM anything. If he's truely your best friend, it shouldn't matter what he wants to be come. There's always a way to make that friendship work. I mean look at Edward and Jacob. yea sure it took 4 books, but in the end they began to think of each other as brothers.



Dear Lady Bella,

I am a mortal and I have been best friends with another mortal since the thirs grade. There are two problems with this- 1.The guy that I have a major crush on is a shape-shifter and other BFF is a vampire!!! My mortal bff thinks that I have lost it and went so far into thinking that mortals are the supirior race that she called my friends "damned" and she said that I sould be too. Then she stopped being friends with me and now is friends with one of the under cover members of the volturi gaurd. She doesn't know, but my BVFF (best vamp friend 4ever) does, and they are planning on destroying her!!!!!! What do I do???
--Depressed mortal with damned (as she thinks) friends that is going to have her FBBF (former bff) die!

2 Crushes, 2 likes?? Edit

I'm mortal and the boy who i like is mortal too. but this is like Bella cause there is a really cute guy that TOTALLY looks like a vamp. But im not really sure. i like him too. the part is that i LOVE the mortal boy and i also LOVE the maybe vamp boy. but i think he is a vamp, maybe like Nessie. and we mostly talk and play but the mortal boy we usally fight cause he starts it by annoying me and i hit him and he hits me back etc, etc. and then vampy comes and breakes our fight EVERYTIME. and when i fight with him MORTAL BOY comes and breaks the fight EVERYTIME too. so i think they also like me but i don't know which one to choose. HELP!!!!! They are driving me crazy!!!



On My own Edit

I am a newborn vampire. Whoever changed me is gone. I've broken in to a internet cafe to post this. I need to find a coven of vampires to help me. The reason is I have the

apperence of a 9 year old and adults are getting suspicious. I'm in Seattle. Please help me! I can just about control my bloodlust, my clothes are ragged and I'm frightened. I have no idea about vampire laws or anything. I only remember one thing before my transformation. "Cullen". I know its a clue of some sort.



Dear Lady Bella

I am a normadic vampire who is tired of constantly roaming. I am hoping to find a coven. I am a 200 year old vegitarian vampire. I respect law and everything and keep the

vampire world secret. I am in the Olyimpic Penisula.



dear lady bella,

i have a 2 serious problems,the first problem is i live in texas and i just became a newborn and #2 ive finished all the books in the seires

and i gonna get "the short secondlife of bree tanner." and i know stephenie meyer is going to right "midnight sun" but thats gonna be awhile and

me and my friends dont know what to doo please help.:)

Best Vamp In The FamilyEdit

My brother (really, we live in a coven similar to the Cullens, so he's not really my brother) seems to be my father's favourite. Whenever I show him my catch, he one-ups me, and Dad just ignores me. I feel sad and angry at my snobby brother. I'm starting to get frustrated, and am looking at becoming a nomad. How do I deal with this issue about my annoying fellow coven member?

Family Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

I'm from Forks, and my mom decided to go to the Philippines, how is it? It's sunny there... my parents don't know that I'm a vampire, my sister and brother are also vampires, we have a heavy problem... how can you help me....

Love, cold hand

2 serious problems Edit

the first problems is that im living in texas and i just got turned into a vampire and # 2 me and my friends just finished the seires and i dont want to leave this seires doyou know of any

other seires please help

love-teamcullen1022 or johnnna

HELP!!! Edit

My friend and I were doing a roject and I told her to meet me on my field...She SAW ME SHAPESHIFT na di have had this problem b4 but this girl can't be truste.

My family Edit

Dear Bella,

I live in your family, and Carlisle treats me like I'm a little kid. I'M 13! Plus he thinks that I hate him, I call him "Carly" because I don't want him to know that I love him like my dad. Plus, I always get in trouble for fighting with Emmett, he starts most of them! Please help.

-Robyn Cullen-Black

Why my town????? Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

My town is being destroyed by newborn vampires. Please help. Also I am in love with one of them.What should I do??????



How? Edit


But, how can I? Carlisle HATES me, if I tell him how I feel, my tough girl reputation will be down the drain. And Emmett read my history and now he's threatning to tell Carlisle! If he does I don't Carlisle will, OH I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN BUT IT WILL NOT BE GOOD! Help me! Again!

- Robyn Cullen-Black

im afraid i could lose the love of my life Edit

bella, please help i used to have a strong relationship like bellas and edwards , but long distance relationship but recently we stared fighting and now it has become weak and i am scerd i am going to lose him , i love him to pieces and dont want to lose him

yours ,


I'm a vampire now. HELPP!!! Edit

Just like the tittle, im a vampire. Really hard. I have to fake illness for a year in a "hospital" in alaska. my family thinks im in WY but im not. this is the part where i need help, im in LOVE with a human boy. hes really cute and his blood is mouthwatering. im 1 month old. im trying really hard to keep away from him. i dont know what my special ability is but i do know that i have one but i dont know what it is. i think hes in LOVE with me too. i put contacts on and we talk and once he fake bumped me and i all most attacked him. HORRIBLE!! it is my worst used to be nightmare. now i need help with this part, should i tell im im a vamp and be his gf or should i run away from him. i dont want to go cause i dont want to feel weak. but i also dont want to leave from him cause it makes me mad when i think that some other girl might get him if i leave. so this is my problem and please help cause i dont have much time.



Theres two things you can do. Your very young so you could tell him you have to go away for a coupll of months and when your thirst dies down you could come back and see him. Or if you can't wait for him you could bite him. If that is too difficult you could get an older vampire to do it for you. As for keeping him human and telling him you are a vampire... thats risky... for him. If you have a lapse in control than you could kill him. That would be VERY emotionally painful for you.


Crazy in Carrollton Edit

okay, me and my friends are werewolves and we are smelling this fowl scent. then when I went into the office to get some papers, i pasted a guy in the hall. he had like, midnight red eyes. but, my friend (that's a werewolf) imprinted on him!

WHAT SHOULD I DO!?! she's driving me crazy!

Alice10 12:42, May 23, 2010 (UTC)alice

hey, just a question Edit

well, it's not much, it's just that i'm madly addicted to twilight. it's all i think about and talk about, do you think that's normal?

-twilight addict.

Don't worry, I'm a twilight addict too. Once a new phenomenon comes out you'll probably forget all about twilight and start loving the new thing. Thats how pop culture works. Don't worry you are totally fine.


My Sister is the Idiot/ Vampire-werewolf Edit

you know Robyn Cullen-Black, well, she's my sister. we call each other our 'twilight names" but now every one is wanting to join what we call "T.T.(twilight table). and we are like comedy when we are together and other people are also copying us and making up stories too. i don't know if Robyn notices because she's the idiot in the family (other than emmett. their fights are awesome! I am teaching her how to fight.) but, I am.

please tell me how to get them to stop!



p.s. I'm a vampire-werewolf. sometimes i get in fights with myself. and emmett teases me about it then i almost kill him. how do I keep my temper?

But, How? Edit

Alice was here? Yeah we are sisters... Emmett will kill me if he sees this. And if I say that to Carlisle, my tuff girl reputation is DOWN THE DRAIN. Please tell me exactly what to say! I want this to be over. And the fights will start with him somehow tick me off, then I have to slam into a wall, tree floor, etc. Then Carlisle has to get Jasper to try to get me to sleep. THEN it doesn't work because I put my shield up (my power is I can control anything with my mind) then someone else comes in then I paralyze them with my mind. If I don't remind myself to multi-task, I zonk out. But if I do Carlisle arm locks me and then I zonk out. So that's how our fights go. I can't belive you haven't noticed! We've broke half the stuff in the house! So, Please Help

-Robyn Cullen-Black



What do I say to Carlisle? Edit

I have no idea what to say to Carlisle. Could you please tell me exactly what to say, please?

- Robyn Cullen-Black

Family Trouble Edit

Dear Lady Bella

I am Violet Cullen. I'm a year old vampire living with the Cullen family. Reacently there has been a long running arguement with Carlisle and Robyn. I am SICK AND TIRED of the arguing. I don't want to put the blame on anyone and I'm unsure of what to do. I tried turning a blind eye to it but that didn't work. What should I do to help stop the arguing?


Violet Cullen

2 guys, same coven Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

My Name is Alexandra and im part of the vulturi guard. Ive gotta problem; both Felix and Demetri are in love with me. They have recently been fighting over me and right now i feel like i wanna leave but i cant or demetri will track me down. I dont know what to do either choose one and break the others heart or vise versa. Please help me.


I'm grounded Edit

It's all Emmett's fault! sorta... Well, I woke up from Jasper knocking me out, my bangs were in my face and I wanted to brush them out of my face, until I noticed something. MY. HAIR. WAS. PINK. I ran to Rosalie's room and grabbed a mirror, my hair was dyed bright hot pink. I put the mirror on the side table, when I knocked a bottle of hair dye off my bed. It was bright pink with "Property of Emmett" written clearly on it. I went downstairs fuming crushing the bottle in my hands. Emmett was watching T.V. I clapped smugly and told him " Take a bow, dude." so he got up and took a stupid bow to make me mad. I said "You're doing that all wrong! Here let me show you" So I stood him up straight and... kicked him in a place boys do not like to be kicked. I had bad timing, because as Emmett fell, Carlisle came down. He had to help Emmet with gettin up and breathing evenly. Then he gave me a long lecture ( 2 hours) that I didn't even half-pay attention to. So, now I'm grounded and super bored how do I keep busy? I'll get Emmett. I always get revenge...

-Robyn Cullen-Black

well, the spring is going to summer and whenever the seasons change, i get bloody noses, i sneeze a lot, and i cough to.

now with the bloody noses, i have to be careful because of jasper. if he gets to close i have to hurt him. i don't like to do that to him!

the sneezing is really bad when i am in wolf form because i can't concentrate. and then every one gets mad at me because they say it's annoying.

and coughing i don't like much just because it scares all my family(especially robyn).

how do i make it stop?


Desperate Vampire Edit

I need some help. My name is Cressa Livingston, a vampire that lives in Seattle, Washington and hunts animals,like the Cullens. My family is a coven, even know we are not realated. I goto a private school there and everyone looks at me like I am the most beautiful one of all. I like this one boy, but there are 3 things. 1st, I like him because he doesn't drool over me. 2nd, he doesn't drool over me because he thinks I am all about looks when I am a vampire and doesn't know we are all natural beauties.3rd, HE'S HUMAN!I don't want to get in trouble with the Volturi! What do I do to show him that I am a normal-well technically not normal- but have the same personalities as a normal human and I am not all about looks?????


Love Triangle Thingy Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

I've been married to a vampire who's the monarch of an entire nation for quite a while. He's cheated on me with as many women as Zeus cheated on Hera with! I usually gave him another chance every time, but the final straw was two years ago. He wished that our relationship had never happened! I, being someone who wants other people to be happy, told him that his wish would be granted. During the night as he slept, I packed up everything I owned before we were wed. I also used my special talent to turn back time and give him a chance to redo the night that our relationship actually started. He took the redo, as I had expected. Then, I went back to the present. Since he chose the redo, we were all thrust into an alternate universe. He was now a promiscuous bachelor and I was now Alec's soul mate. I was exultant, but my former husband remembered our other future together and he wanted me back. I know that I love Alec more than him, but he's a king and a good one at that. I don't want his country to be hurt without his guidance. If I don't choose him and his kingdom didn't get harmed, I know that he'll challenge Alec to a fight to the death with the winner getting me. I don't want anyone dying because of me. I know that you've been in kind of the same predicament as I'm in. HELP ME!!!

You shouldn't get in a relationship with someone you don't love. You love Alec now and should stay with him. If your ex gets mad, run away with Alec. If you don't want to do that, than when Alec and your ex are having their fight to the death, Alec can use his power on your ex. Then your ex wouldn't know what was happening. With Alec's gift there is no way he could lose. So just tell Alec not to kill your ex. I know this isn't a perfect solution but it was the best I could do. Your in a tough situation and the only person that can chose what you should do is you.



I'm married to the wonderful vampire ever. But the bad news is I'm pregnant. Taylor(my husband) wants it out of me. Because it is part vampire I want to keep it(I think). but I am scared. My mom can;t even be with me cause they think I am sick and in Manie. Please help me? I don't know what to do.

from vampire lover

My Parents Edit

Hi I am vampire and have benn for 3 months and my problem is that I feed like normal but my parents are like bloody thirsty and they will feed for no reason and they MAKE me do the same what should I do?

-crazy parents

Another sister of yours. Edit

Hey, Bells,

It's Maria. Um...I have a problem. Edward is being extremely protective of me since I am the newest member of the Cullen family. Here's my problem. Now I love my brother to death, but he hates werewolves...Well I was down at La Push....don't hate me!....And I ran into Embry. He imprinted on me and I think I'm in love with him too. How do I tell Edward without him blowing up in my face and going down to La Push and killing Embry? And Can you please tell Robyn to quiet down with her complaining? Emment ain't that bad!

Another sister of yours. Edit

Hey, Bells,

It's Maria. Um...I have a problem. Edward is being extremely protective of me since I am the newest member of the Cullen family. Here's my problem. Now I love my brother to death, but he hates werewolves...Well I was down at La Push....don't hate me!....And I ran into Embry. He imprinted on me and I think I'm in love with him too. How do I tell Edward without him blowing up in my face and going down to La Push and killing Embry? And Can you please tell Robyn to quiet down with her complaining? Emment ain't that bad!

Werewolf and hybrid. Edit

Hello Bella,

My crush just had a daughter with her husband. He is a vampire and she is now also a vampire. Her daughter is a hybrid....I imprinted on her.

Our relationship isn't romantic...yet. When and if we get married, what will our kids be?



newborn and imprinted Edit

Dear Lady Bella

I'm a newborn vampire made by Riley. I ran away from him to get a better life

The problem is I think I'm inprinted on a werewolf.

What should I do?

Your's faithfully,

SNEAKERxLOVE 18:41, June 13, 2010 (UTC)Nikki

love sick Edit


im in love with this guy who totally belives me when i say im a vamp... which is great. im just not sure if i should bite him like i did before i told him or if it would be wierd. also he has asked me to marry him. i said yes but should iact like a vamp like i always do or be a happy-go-lucky human? 16:52, June 14, 2010 (UTC)love sick bella

Mortals Vamps Shape-Shifters Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

Im in love with a mortal, vampire, and a s.s..The Mortal Is Riley. I know he likes me. The vamps name is Troy.

hes so hot. the s.s. is Jacob. They are all so hot! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nikki Gilbert O'Brien Robesien Black

Finally Edit

I was ungrounded last night! It was because I was having a nervous break down in the corner! Emmett got grounded longer than me for dying my hair pink. What revenge should I get for him?

-Robyn Cullen-Black

Need Some Answer Edit

Hi Bella,

Umm im new to this website and I've always wanted to be a

vampire but i want to be a werewolf too. Does it work that

way or no. Also I have been dreaming of this guy named zach

and im about 13 i think when i see him in my dreams and

when i think of him it makes me sad that he isnt with me now.

He is also a vampire. Wich I want to be one. I've never dreamt him

before does this mean he exists. helpp!

his name Edit

hi bella,

its me again i know his name its zach and when i dream of him I can hardly see what he looks like. All I know is he is a vampire he has bronze/brown hair and his name is zachary. What if he wants me to dream of him and thats why im dreaming this. Your the only one who can help me on this my mom and dad say ohh its just a dream. what if he waches me when i dont even no it. I mean it doesn't bug me but, the thing is I'm in love with him and i've never even met him and i don't even know if he exists. i hope zach is out there. I'm mortal too.

I hope its a possibiblity


Hm... Edit

Hi! I'm a Norwegian girl(so please excuse my bad english) who can't help wonder: what if a guy who is supposed to be a werewolf, suddenly got bitten of a vampire?? Will his DNA stop him from become a vampire, will he become a vampire-werewolf-thing, or what??

Family Crisis Edit

Dear Lady Bella, My Cousin Kai just turned me into a Vampire and were having huge arguments about our eating habits. She says we should just give in and hunt humans I say we should go for the better route and go vegetarian... am worried this will tear up apart. What should I do?

-Joyous Ava

Wierd Similarities Edit

Dear Bella,

I'm a human with odd, um... similarities to you when you were human. I can smell blood from far away. I hate it, it smells rusty and gross. I'm pale with brown hair. I'd much rather read than shop. (My sister even makes fun of me for it). I'm not athletic. I've never been stylish or popular. My father is even a policeman! It's wierd. Also, the boy I like won't let me out of his sight for one second. I wonder what will happen to me. What do you think?


Spend some more time at Home Edit

Bells,just stop it u r giving 2 much attention 2 ths problems,i am not saying that stop answering these questions,i just mean 2 say spend some more time at home nd plus renesmee misses u,she plays with jacob,but when jacob is not around she misses u alot,I told Rosalie 2 keep her busy but she still misses u nd Emmett just doesn't stop teasing me by saying "Looks like she's tired of spending time with u Edward nd plus u r keeping Rosalie away from me " i tell him that "Emmett if u miss Rosalie nd u want 2 spend more time with her help her keep renesmee busy!!" nd when i go into the forest 2 stay away from him he misuses my ability 2 read minds nd keeps thinking about it.


i whant to be a vampire Edit

I WHANT TO BE A VAMPIRE i whant to be a vampirebut no one has come to change me HELP!!!!

i whant to be a vampire Edit

I WHANT TO BE A VAMPIRE i whant to be a vampirebut no one has come to change me HELP!!!! 06:52, July 4, 2010 (UTC)

becoming a vampire.... Edit

i have known about the mythical world for quite some time and am looking to become a vampire. how would i do that? thanks! - zypher

becoming a vampire.... Edit

i have known about the mythical world for quite some time and am looking to become a vampire. how would i do that? thanks! - zypher

becoming a vampire.... Edit

i have known about the mythical world for quite some time and am looking to become a vampire. how would i do that? thanks! - zypher

experience the life of a vampire Edit

greetings! my name is john and for the longest time, i've have wanted to experience another world, by becoming a vampire. i belive that in my case i am ment for somthing more than what the life of a human can offer. i am well aware of the sacrifices and results from the transformation. please help in any way that you can, thanks!


I have recently transformed into a vampire by my best friend. The only problem is my parents don't know, and they smell so good. They don't know why I've been locking myself in my room (to get away from the scent), or why I refuse meals. My best friend and I are planning to leave, so we don't harm our human relatives. What do I tell my parents, without letting them know what I am?

Old friend, New feelings Edit

My name is Andorra and I am 149 year old female nomadic vegitarian vampire. I was changed in the South for use during the vampire territory wars for my power of being able to manipulate people and objects to do what I wish. I recently started attending Forks High School and have noticed a boy, your brother Jasper, whom I remember fighting. I want to speak to him, but I never have the opportunity because he is always with Alice. I am also scared that he will not want anything to do with me. I have started aquiring feelings for him, and whenever I see him with Alice it pains me. I think we could be great together, but we will never get the chance. What do I do?

girl who whats to be a vamp Edit

um ok ive read were u said somthing about finding carlisle because he will turn a human but were do i find him of can i call him , just i need to know wht i need to do to become a vamp and also if carlisle turns me will i be apart of the collins because thts what i want

plz hlp98.222.108.87 23:34, July 7, 2010 (UTC)mekala lee ann

Blood Thirsty Edit

Lady Bella,

So I'm a half-vampire/half-human but lately I have been having problems controlling my thirst and I want to drink random humans.

This has never happened before and I'm scared I'll hurt someone. Can you help me since you have a half-vampire kid(aka Renesmee)?

Loves, Nessie(Yeah my real name is Vanessa which is incredibly ironic huh?)

Maybe take a break from blood and eat human food. While your not drinking blood stay away from humans so you are not tempted. Once you realize that it is easy enough to just have human food slowly go back into the human world. If you are just as thirsty when you smell humans I have another strategy. Let the human part of you take over. Let your human senses become dominent. (I know this can be annoying and Renesmee hates it because human senses are so dull but it helps) Then you won't find blood appetizing.


On resurrecting James Edit

Dearest Lady of Ladies,

I think I have made a grievous mistake; one which I hope you can forgive me for in time. See, I fell in love with James and upon his death, felt a need to return to his death site.

Sort of while there, I found some sort of concrete-type area which had protected some form of the dance building Edward et al burned down.

And sort of while there, I realized not all of James was destroyed. He must have - well I'm not sure HOW he did it but part of him had been protected and not burned thoroughly. I ..... well..... we all know what happens when a vampire's body is not thoroughly destroyed. Regeneration tends to be a result.

Needless to say, he left earlier tonight to do some hunting.

I figured I'd let you know he's stronger than before but seems to not remember much before his ressurection.

At least far as I'm led to believe. 07:58, July 13, 2010 (UTC) is repentent....

One more bit of....... confession........ Edit

I have been sending a non stop message to Caius requesting him to come to me. What for, I do not know, but it is an urge so strong that it has taken me over completely. The moment I saw Caius, I had to rewind and watch over and over (the portrait part) because I KNEW him. I know him, I knew him, I KNEW HIM.

And something deep down in me misses him and is fighting me to go to him with great haste.

Instead I call to him over and over as if my mind itself is a cd player stuck on repeat.

....... what is going on? Why am I feeling this need and desire? I know him and knew him well. As much as i am terrified of him to my very core, I need him to remember me. To know me, to KNOW me. To remember......

Dear lady bella,

i am from a native american family and was lucky enough to find out im a werewolf. However, my brother didnt get the gene. He was out last night and came back with red eyes. He told me he was a vampire and he tried to attack me but mom stoped him. he is my twin and i dont know what to do?please help Your twin is still a newborn so you should probably give him some slack. After a year or so he should be civilized enough to hang around you. If not, offer for him to try vegitarianism. It would cooperate with both of your lifestyles.




Teams Edit

How do i choose if im on team Edward or team Jacob??

Theres no real way to chose, you just decide who you like better. here are some tips to help you chose.

Jacob: Hot (in two ways), werewolf, never ran away from Bella, always there for Bella, soft, warm, funny

Edward: he sparkles, is gorgeous, is willing to die for Bella, doesn't want to take away Bellas soul


Can't Decide Edit

Dear lady Bella,

I saw your brother and sister Rosalie and Emmett in the woods, they changed me into a vampire and then left me. Aro found me after a year or two and said he wanted to use my gift in the Volturi. My gift is I can set fire to anything I see. It's like a smaller version of benjamin's gift. It's really useful because I can set a flame inside of a vampire and it tortures that vampire. Anyhoo, when I got to the Volturi I fell in love with Alec. Jane is really mad at me. I want to run away with him and meet up with the Cullens again but Jane will tell Demetri to bring us back to the Volturi if we do. What should I do?

Hiding from the Volturi Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

I was recently made a vampire by my friend. I'm in a coven with my mate and two other girls who are my best friends. I have a very powerful gift. I can move things (including humans and vampires) around with my mind. The problem is that if Aro finds out about me he will want me to join the Volturi, something I don't want to do. Any advice on staying incognito? And if Aro does find out about me how can I run from Demetri?

Please help,


YMCA problem Edit

well, my favorite werewolf is Paul and there is this guy named Paul King at the YMCA. He is super hot. I like him but, only one person knows i like him. i was telling her my favorite werewolf and Paul heard and now knows i like him. it's really emmbarassing when he looks at me because he gives me this odd look. i mean we are friends but, will this end our friendship???

help me.


ps. robyn if you read this, hi.

Angry She-Wolf Edit

Lady Bella;

I am writing you as a last resort, being that most people I know I can't tell them my situation because I would have to tell them I am a werewolf and the other half take his side anyway because they are members of a pack I am being forced to join. Who is he? He is my "mate", we imprinted three summers ago I was going into my junior year of hig school. He is a werewolf just like I am and since she-wolves are rare where I am from and his pack is convinced that if me and him make babies they will be super powerful they are forcing me to marry him, but he is superficial, immature, and not to mention he still hits on women and because he is chrismatic, witty, and incredibly handsome women practically throw themselves at him. Not that I'm jealous or anything. Like that time, one of my friends was getting married and since my mate and my friends' fiance were good friends and they wanted a stripper for their bachleor party and his fiancee, my friend said that they couldn't have a stripper unless she had one for her bachlorette party, and with the town being so small, she couldn't find any company with guy strippers to come out to the party only women (go figure huh?) So my "mate" agrees to strip for my friends party so his friend could have a stripper. And he called it "Taking one for the team!" He then gets drunk at the bachlorette party and does his stupid party trick skinny dipping in the hotel swimming pool making a big jacuzzi.

I just think that this guy would make a terrible mate. I can't imagine having kids with that bozo. I just wish we didn't imprint, I wish I had the choice of who I imprinted on like that cute sheriff that just came in town, ah whoooooooooooooooooo! HOT!!!!

P.S. Oh yeah, Team Edward all the way!!!!

Babydoll y2g 19:33, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

Broken Heart and Confused Edit

Hi Lady Bella, Im Katherine and here is my problem:

I loved a guy, his name is Edward (really), I meet him when i have 13 years and he 15... the problem is that he break up with me. thats exactly why I feel like u in New moon...

But I meet a guy, I really like him, but I cant forget Edward, like the 10 months from our break, and he still talks to me, but he has a new girlfriend(Like Tanya...) but i dont know why he stills talk to me, he said "I dont know" when I asked him, but the new guy i like is really sweet and cute but he says that he dont want a girlfriend for a while... but i lose my virginity with him and... he said that "I really like you"...

Im so confused lady Bella... I dont know if: I forget Edward and stay with my new crush or... fight for his love again.


Katherine of the abyss

i need advice with my problemn involving love. Edit

Hello Lady Bella, i'm julia and this is my problem,

im just moving to a new school with my dad and i only have like 3 friends at this school. and one happens to be my ex bf matt, i still love matt. but he doesnt know that. last night we were talking on facebook and he was being a total sweetheart. he helped me with an i ssue i was having with another ex. he ended up telling the guy to stop bugging me or he would deal with it. which i thought was so sweet. i love when guys show their carinf sides. si what he did made me really happy, and i started thinking bout my feelings that i had for him. i was so close to spilling my feelings, but was afraid of rejection. yours truley xxx

friend probs Edit

so i am team jacob and i want to be a wolf but my best friend is team edward an wants to be a vampire btw wat is the differince in a vampire and a vampyre

Bellascullen 02:11, August 5, 2010 (UTC) bellascullen

Problematic she wolf Edit

Hello, My name is Shakira, I'm a she- wolf but I have a problem, well several, actually, first, I'm clumsy and i trip over my pack brothers and the don't really like that, to put it mildly. second, if i do get lost I can't smell my way out of it and then they all have to find me.Third, when i am a wolf I have ice blond fur and blue eyes, so my coat gets dirty and, they call me ice queen. What should i do?

Problamatic she wolf

vampire problem Edit

im so worried my freinds will be be eaten because of me there all human's I was transformed just reacently and people are starting to notice my red eyes how long have i got left to survive!?!

from a wild newbornxxx

"Humanic Vampire problems"Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

I am still human but want to be a vampire. But the people who are supposed to change me are angry at me. How can I say I'm sorry?????? HELPPP!!!!!!

Ayna0511 04:20, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

VAMPIRE crying for help Edit

Hello my name is scarlet. And my best friend is a wearwolf and she is a lot younger than me. My mother and father are human, I was changed by a friend. Anyway that friend doesnt want me to be friends with my wearwolf friend. What do I do? The way I am shows how I feel and here is my other problom is that my mom doesnt like how I always wanna dress in dark colors and how I love the moon or Im always outside in the rain. I need ur help. What really bothers me is that I like this one human but he doesnt know I exist not just as a vampire but being there because we go to the same school. I heard of this thing called the soulmate princable and I am worried I will never find my soulmate its kind of like when a wearwolf imprints.Edit

VAMPIRE crying for help Edit

Vampire Love? Edit

Dear Lady Bella,

My name is Taylor. I'm just a normal 16-year-old nobody - I work at my mom's tearoom, occasionally I sing backup for my friend who's a singer, and I go to public high school in Pennsylvania. Recently I met a boy my age, or so I thought, who revealed to me that he's a vampire! He's offered me an eternity of love, but as much as I may like him, I can't imagine dropping my life right then and there and running away with him. Truth be told, I'm afraid that he'll hurt me. What should I do?

Werewolf!!! Edit

Ok, so i have a problem. I'm in love with a werewolf! And im also a vampire.... My "father" said i should move on and not think about him, but he sits next to me in all of my lessons.... What should i do? Move on or make a move? Help!!!

real live bella Edit

hi i dont want to give out to much info but im basically living as a real live bella like my bro's friend is like in love with me (but i dont like him and we will never b together) then my first ever bff moved when i was 4 and we never talked since and i miss him like heck i wan to be his friend again people always tell me find a way to get in touch with him but im afraid so i dont even want to try so is there any advice(ive never had a boyfriend so)

Imprinting SituationEdit

Dear Lady Bella.

I'm a werewolf, thanks to my mother, because she has the gene, and now I can explode into a beige werewolf. I recently went for a job interview, and scored the job, not before imprinting on my new boss at the interview. I can't stop thinking about him, and seem to be hesitant to talk to him. Nerves, maybe? But there's another issue. Employees cannot, under any circumstances, date the boss. I need to be with him, but I may lose the job. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! What do I do?

A big problem

Dear Bella,

Im Lily. Me and my sisters Ivy and Daisy are vampires. We recentley moved to San Francisco. But we discovered that a pack of werewolves live there. And one of the werewolves imprinted on my sister Ivy. Exepet the problem is that Ivy hates him. The poor dude is really heartbroken. No one's bothering to do anything. Ivy even refuses to tell me why she hates him so much. Is ther anything I can do to help? Yours faithfully, Lily Stevens.

scared werewolf Edit

I am a werewolf and my best friend is a vampire. I know that I only hunt vampires, my friend doesn't know that about me. Can this friednship last or not??

Timeless ending:Edit

Hey since I was turned into a vampire now, I have read all the talk pages and I want to know is there going to be two more added for Toshiro which is played by Masami Kosaka. I am wondering is Wendell Pierce will ever be named J.Jenks, because this is making me insane.


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