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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Gabriel, Swo-wo]]
|image = [[File:107_119.jpg|250px]]
||name = Swo-wo Gabriel
|gender = Male
|born = November 24
|sagarole = [[Brady Fuller]]
|notableroles = Tim Henry - ''Blackstone''
'''Swo-wo Gabriel''' is the actor who portrays [[Brady Fuller]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn (films)|Breaking Dawn]]''.
Swo-wo is of the Squamish Nation and is very active in his community through pow-wow dancing, traditional drumming and singing to Coast Salish cultural teachings.<ref></ref>
Swo-wo Gabriel had his first break playing "Tim Henry" on the Canadian TV series ''Blackstone''<ref></ref>.
According to [ The Chief], the TV series ''Blackstone''features Gabriel as young Tim Henry, who is physically and sexually abused by his uncle and must testify in court.
*He has experienced a few great years Canoe pulling with his fellow Young Bucks.
*Very athletically outgoing in football and has been leading his team for many years
==External links==
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