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Benjamin - one of the most gifted vampires.

Certain vampires have special abilities gained or enhanced when they are turned.


Main article: Gifted humans

When a human transforms into a vampire, her/his strongest trait is brought into her/his new life. When someone has a particularly intense skill or characteristic, it heightens after their transformation. Some of those characteristics become a supernatural power of some sort. The more pronounced it was in human form, the stronger it becomes in vampire form. For example, Bella's mind originally only covered her from psychic powers, but after becoming a vampire she could project it to cover those around her.

A large majority of vampiric gifts affect the mind, but there have been exceptions as some powers work on the physical world, like Benjamin's elemental control.

Eleazar has explained that every gift is unique, never working the same way twice because no one ever thinks exactly the same way. This is proven by the differences in similar gifts among vampires, for example Edward and Aro, Bella and Renata, Jane and Alec, or Maggie and Charles.

Also, even though vampires have gifts, some may take time to develop and decades, if not centuries, to improve.

A hybrid can be born with hereditary gifts from his/her vampire father; if the human mother is already gifted, her gift may be inherited as well.

Since the Swan family has passed down mental abilities for three generations, it has been speculated that gifts might be passed down genetically, though influence of intrauterine environment during pregnancy and upbringing during infancy and teen years may also be important.

There are currently 29 known gifted vampires and one gifted vampire hybrid.

Active talents

Name Ability Examples
Edward Cullen

A stronger bond also allows him to hear them from a greater distance, though no greater than a few miles. Like Alice, Edward's ability seems to work best with other vampires. He can also keep track of people within a few miles telepathically.

Edward found most of the minds of kids in Forks High School to be unimaginative, but couldn't hear what Bella was thinking at all. He also had the displeasure of reading Jacob's mind. In Twilight, Edward was able to save Bella from a group of men who were going to attack her because he could read what they were planning. He knew Mike, Eric, and Tyler were all going to ask Bella to the dance, but didn't know what her response would be to any of them. In Breaking Dawn, Edward used his ability while confronting the Volturi to know their plans and intentions.
Alice Cullen
She  can't see anything involved with the werewolves/shape-shifters or vampire hybrids.
In Twilight, Alice saw James in Bella's old dance studio in Phoenix, and Bella later being captured by him, once she decided to meet him there. In New Moon, Alice could see Edward's decision to provoke the Volturi but not exactly how he would do it, because he kept changing his mind. In Eclipse, Alice tells the family that the newborns are coming to fight them.In Breaking Dawn, Alice's ability allowed her to warn her family about the confrontation with the Volturi.
Jasper Hale

Jasper can feel the emotions of those around him 

In Twilight, when Bella was stressed caused by James tracking her, Jasper felt her anxiety and calmed her down, so much that she fell asleep. In Eclipse, Jasper used his power to temporarily calm everyone down when the the Cullens and the werewolves almost got into a fight. In Breaking Dawn, Jasper stayed near Bella after she had Renesmee because she was so happy and he was drawn to her positive feelings.
Bella Swan
Mental shield

Bella's gift is a mental shield. Bella's shield is so strong that it's been working without her knowing, most likely, since birth. I

In Breaking Dawn, Bella shielded herself and her allies in the battle against the Volturi. At the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella lowered her shield allowing Edward to read her mind.
Renesmee Cullen
Tactile thought projection and shield penetration

Renesmee's gifts seem to be the opposite versions of her parents' abilities.

In Breaking Dawn, Renesmee used her ability to transfer her thoughts into Bella after she woke up as a vampire, in order to let her mother know about herself. She also used her talent to show the visiting vampires her side of the story.
Tactile telepathy

Aro can see every thought someone has ever had upon physical contact with them. 

In New Moon, when Bella was in Italy, Aro attempted to hear her thoughts but failed, just as Edward cannot read Bella's mind. In Breaking Dawn, Aro uses his talent to read Edward's mind, and thus saw the thoughts he had read in everyone else's mind.
Pain illusion

Jane projects the illusion of being in extremely intense physical pain into others minds, thus incapacitating them. The pain that Jane inflicts is described as being like "burning" inside of the victim. Jane's power only allows her to affect one victim at a time, while her brother can affect multiple targets at one time. Although her pain comes instantly, and his power takes a few seconds to fully incapacitate his target.

In New Moon, Jane used her ability in Bella to see if it would affect her, but Bella's shield blocked it. In New Moon, Jane used her ability on Edward who tried to prevent her from using it on Bella. This caused him to collapse on the floor in imaginary pain. In Eclipse, Jane inflicted her talent on the young vampire Bree to force her to tell the truth about the vampire wreckage in Seattle. In Breaking Dawn, Jane tries to inflict her gift upon Bella, but like her twin Alec, cannot pass Bella's shield.


be specific because she was then unconsciously blocking her mind from him.

Psychic electrokinesis

Kate can cover her body with an electrical current. Upon physical contact while her gift is in use, depending on the power she puts into it, the person can feel as little as static shock or great enough to cause their knees to buckle and have them on their backs. Because this talent doesn't effect Bella, the current most likely sends a signal to the brain which would be a similar effect to Jane's gift.

Immediately after Kate's sister Irina was killed in Breaking Dawn, Kate shocked three people who tried to stop her from attacking the Volturi: Rosalie, who crumpled to the ground, Emmett, who threw Kate to the ground before his knees gave out, and Garrett, who locked his arms around her causing his body to spasm and his eyes to roll back in his head as Kate shocked him.

Passive talents

These vampires have abilities that are not quantifiably supernatural, but are known as their strongest characteristics.

Name Ability Examples
Edward Cullen
Edward's gift is advanced speed, running faster than any other member of the Cullens and other vampires.
During the game of vampire baseball in Twilight, Edward runs through the forest to retrieve the ball. In Eclipse, Bella compares Edward's speed to Victoria's, saying 'she wheeled and flew like an arrow from a bow. But Edward was faster - a bullet from a gun.'
Rosalie Hale
Rosalie's gift is incredible beauty, which even surpasses a regular vampire. She is said to be the most attractive vampire in the world.
Heidi's incredible beauty is comparable to Rosalie's, supported by her gift to attract people, human or vampire. Because of this, she would often go out to find and attract "food" for the Volturi.
Emmett Cullen
Emmett's gift is extreme strength that surpasses a regular vampire. He is the strongest member of the Cullens, if not the entire world. But his strength can be easily conquered by a newborn vampire, such as Bella when she challenged him into arm wrestling.
During the game of vampire baseball in Twilight, Esme informs Bella that Emmett hits the hardest, while Edward runs the fastest.
Carlisle Cullen
Carlisle's gift is an elevated sense of compassion that allows him to resist human blood.
He is able to bite (in order to turn them) people without succumbing to the frenzy and killing them.
Esme Cullen
250px-DiarioTwilight 21-wolf-esme-bd-
Esme's gift is to love those around her passionately.
She is able to welcome Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper into her home with open and caring arms; as well as Bella, a human girl her son Edward fell in love with.
Fighting and strength
Meyer has said that Felix's talent is his fighting and strength. No matter how good anyone else is in physical combat, Felix will always remain one, or most likely, several steps ahead of them. His physical strength is pretty much comparable to Emmett's.
In the New Moon film, when Edward tried to defend Bella, Felix quickly subdues him, throwing him to the ground, cracking the floor.
Bella Swan
Bella displays high level of self-control and concentration as a newborn vampire, something that most newborn vampires aren't able to do.
In Breaking Dawn, when she caught the scent of human hikers while hunting, she manages to retain control of herself and run away from the scent while holding her breath. When Charlie comes to visit after she changed, she finds her father's smell more attractive than the hikers and yet manages to remain in control.
Raoul had strength that surpassed that of regular vampires. He was one of the strongest newborns in Victoria's army, and the other newborns were usually frightened by this.
Raoul was able to win over and kill countless newborn members in the army

Note: Some vampires may show special traits beyond their main ability, as with Edward who, in addition to his telepathic gift, shows an incredible speed and mastery of the piano.


Certain powers' capabilities land in specific categories, but it is at times rather difficult to do so, because no two talents ever work the exact same way. For instance, an ability that protects the bearer, is referred to as a "shield", and one that tracks a target is called "tracker", which is also known as one of the most common talents despite the small population of vampiric supernatural abilities. Since Edward and a few other vampires can "read" minds, they are considered "mind readers"; also, vampires with the power to project a sort of illusion can be considered "illusionists".

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