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You feel the need to watch people you just met a week ago sleep.

You also listen to Debussy, even thought you are supposed to be blending in with other teenagers

Your nipples are lopsided

You hear voices in your head that sound oddly like the people you're sitting near.

You hate dogs.

You rub the bridge of your nose at least twenty times a day.

You're so attractive that you can compare girls to drugs and they'll melt in your hands. (Marty Stu, much?)

Mountain lions cower in your presence.

You are extremely sexually repressed.

You're a stalker. A sexy stalker, but a stalker all the same.

People call you an abusive boyfriend (which is true)

Feel free to keep the list going!
You seem to think that you should die if somone else dies

You try to pull a Romeo but it goes wrong

Your boyfriend/girlfriend end up in a life threatening situation coz you played baseball!!

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